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I Wanna Hear Your Song


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English Title :  
I Wanna Hear Your Song
Korean Title :  
너의 노래를 들려줘
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy, Mystery
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Min-ju
Director :  
Lee Jung-mi
Cast :  
Yeon Woo-jin, Kim Se-jung (gugudan), Song Jae-rim, Park Ji-yeon (T-ARA)
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



To sleep, she needs a song. Not just a song, she needs a horrible singing of a tone deaf!
One day, a handsome tone deaf appears in her life to help her sleep. But, there is something suspicious about this guy… and also, there is something hidden in her memories…

-Hong Yi-young (cast : Kim Se-jung)
Yi-young lost her memories and suffer from insomnia after the car accident 1 year ago. Her only solution to this insomnia is the song of a tone deaf. One day she encounters mysterious guy Jang Youn. As Youn is horribly bad at singing, she hires Youn as an ‘evening caller’. Few days later, she finds out that Youn entered the orchestra where she is the Timpanist as a guest pianist. And now, Youn is her neighbor! She is very suspicious about this guy who keeps appearing around her…

-Jang Youn (cast : Yeon Woo-jin)
His real name is Jang Do-hun. 1 year ago, his brother Ian died from a suspicious accident after orchestra practice, on the day texted he wants to introduce someone. Do-hun Knew who is the person his brother wanted to introduce. It was Yi-young, his brother’s lover. After Ian’s death, Yi-young is the key to solve all the mysteries related to Ian’s death. He is now trying to approach her as it’s a coincidence and dig out the secrets that lie in her lost memories…

-Nam Ju-wan (cast : Song Jae-rim)
He is Yi-young’s college crush and composer full of artistic mind. To Yi-young, Ju-wan is like a star that is beyond her reach but actually Ju-wan is paying attention to Yi-young. He knew that she is preparing for his orchestra audition and even when Yi-young made a huge mistake, he let her pass the audition as a sub-timpanist. As they met again as a composer and timpanist, they get closer and start to feel romance. However, for some reason, Ju-wan is afraid of Yi-young’s memory coming back.

-Ha Eun-ju (cast: Park Ji-yeon)
Yi-young’s college friend; she is sexy and cool, every man’s dream girl. As she is a professional romance queen, she never cares whether her target has a girlfriend or not so she ends up seducing Yi-young’s boyfriend Jae-hyung but still shameless. But from her college life, she had someone in her heart. It’s Ju-wan. She thinks that she is the only one who knows Ju-wan’s true self that is hidden under his charms and gifted talent. She knows she can sell her soul to the devil to get Ju-wan and she realizes that devil is Jang Youn…


唯一能让患失眠症的她入睡的声音,就是音痴难听极了的歌声,因交通事故失去记忆的洪伊英,受着失眠症的折磨,而能哄伊英入睡的人便是钢琴家张允,张允哄她入睡的方法就是他蹩脚的唱歌实力。一次偶然的机会,他做了唱着蹩脚歌曲哄人入睡的Evening Call兼职,浪漫喜剧《请让我聆听你的歌 》就这样拉开了序幕!

▷洪伊英(27,定音鼓手)/ Cast 金世正
为参加管弦乐队选秀进行训练中的伊英,结束代驾打工后在雨中行走时,差点撞上轿车的危难之际,一个男子出手相救,这就是她与张允的初次相遇。伊英在一年前遭遇车祸之后,便失去了记忆,一直饱受失眠和噩梦的折磨。直到现在,前男友宰亨每晚都唱着歌哄她入睡……但伊英最信赖的闺蜜与他好上之后,再也没有人为她唱歌了,她重新开始受着失眠的折磨。但是不久前,张允又出现在她面前。作为勉强立足管弦乐团的钢琴家,作为小区邻居,还有用最糟糕的歌曲哄她入睡的“Evening Call”打工生……这个男人的真实身份是什么?

▷张允(30,钢琴家)/ Cast 延宇振
原名张道勋,为了找一个女人结束美国生活后来到了韩国,那个女人就是伊英。一年前,钢琴家张允的弟弟因交通事故去世,死前曾发过一条短信,“想介绍个人给你认识,一小时后见”,这是弟弟的最后一条短信。那时,有个女人与弟弟一起坐在车里,她就是伊英。她一定知道我弟弟的死因。首先,他装作很偶然地接近事故后失去记忆的伊英,决定为她做“Evening Call”的兼职。他想通过那个女人来揭开弟弟死亡的秘密。

▷南柱莞(37,指挥家)/ Cast 宋再临

▷河恩珠(37,小提琴家)/ Cast 芝妍


不眠症の私を眠りにつかせてくれる唯一の音は、ずばり‘音痴’の歌うひどい歌? 交通事故で記憶を失い、不眠症に悩まされているホン・イヨン。そんなイヨンを眠りにつかせるのはピアニストのチャン・ユンだ。チャン・ユンが不眠症のイヨンを眠りにつかせる秘訣はなんと、彼のハチャメチャな歌声だ。ひょんなことからハチャメチャな歌を聞かせて眠りにつかせるイブニングコールのバイトを引き受けることになり、繰り広げられる本格ロマンティックコメディードラマ「あなたの歌を聞かせて」!

▷ ホン・イヨン(27歳、ティンパニスト)/キャスト;キム・セジョン