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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Social Thriller
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jung Chan-mi
Director :  
Lee Gun-jun
Cast :  
Choi Jin-hyuk, Son Hyun-ju, Nana, Park Sung-hun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



A lawyer who made a deal with a devil for revenge. A man who has become a devil himself for his family. They are now facing against each other involved in ugly secrets of high-ranking officials. What is the definition of good and evil? Were these even a different thing from the first place? New KBS social thriller drama. <JUSTICE>.

-Lee Tae-gyung (cast : Choi Jin-hyuk)
5 years ago, when he was about to pass the exam and become a prosecutor, his brother Tae-ju was killed by an accident by drunken driver. The assailants, who knew the blind spots of the law so well, didn’t even get any punishment, didn’t even apologize. They rather laughed at Tae-gyung. Right at the moment, Song Woo-yong offered him a deal. Woo-yong granted the revenge on Tae-jun’s killers and in return, he asked Tae-gyung to work as his personal lawyer. The deal with the devil was made like that. After the deal, he kept defending the cases of the crimes of high class officials. As he seemed to have no way out of the world of corruption, he comes across his ex-lover, Yeon-a. Also, when the secrets related to his brother’s death, he starts to confuse.

-Song Woo-young (cast : Son Hyun-ju)
1987, his son was bullied by his classmates and came back hobbling his legs. The bullies were the son of politician and grandson of business mogul. They even threatened the son rather than apologize. After that day, his son’s leg was unable to heal, made him give up his dream of becoming a soccer player. After that day, the father who couldn’t do anything for his son, made himself an evil. After many years of chasing only money and power by any means possible, chairman Song could be at the place he is now. Now, Yeon-a and Tae-gyung starts to point the swords at him. He tries to stop them with every power he have.

-Seo Yeon-a (cast :Nana)
She is the only daughter of reputable judicial family. She is a skillful prosecutor with family name and beauty. The only one she let all her pride down was her ex-lover Tae-gyung. She tried her everything to make Tae-gyung stay by her side but Tae-gyung left. Years later, she meets Tae-gyung as a prosecutor and lawyer. In his eyes, she could feel that fondness. She cannot know what has happened to him and why he has become such person. While she was digging into a case related to chairman Song, she finds out a shocking truth…

-Park Su-ho (cast: Park Sung-hun)
Not like any other heirs of business mogul family, he is modest, humble and trendy. Everyone likes Su-ho. He has secretly chosen Yeon-a as his future wife, lady of Dae-mang group. He gives flowers to Yeon-a and ties her shoe laces to get Yeon-a’s attention. However, the reason why he chose
Yeon-a is shocking. Years ago, Yeon-a fiercely investigated on Dae-mang group’s corruption. So Su-ho is trying to lock her next to him so she never becomes a threat again. Not knowing any of Su-ho’s evil plan, Yeon-a starts to open her heart toward Su-ho…



▷李泰景(33岁,律师)/崔振赫 饰演

▷宋勇宇(53岁,活龙建筑的会长)/孙贤周 饰演

▷徐妍雅(29岁,首尔中央地检刑事三部检察官)/Nana 饰演

▷卓秀浩(31岁,大望集团副会长)/朴成焄 饰演



▷ イ・テギョン(33歳、弁護士) / キャスト チェ・ジニョク

▷ ソン・ウヨン(53歳、「ポムジュン建設」の会長 / キャスト ソン・ヒョンジュ

▷ ソ・ヨナ(30歳、ソウル中央地検刑事3部の検事)/ キャスト ナナ(AFTERSCHOOL)

▷ タク・スホ(33歳、「チョンジングループ」の副会長) / キャスト パク・ソンフン