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A Place In The Sun


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English Title :  
A Place In The Sun
Korean Title :  
태양의 계절
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Eun-joo
Director :  
Kim Won-yong
Cast :  
Oh Chang-seok, Youn So-ie, Choi Sung-jae, Ha Si-eun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



A secret about one’s birth, love and betrayal, along with desperate revenge!
He who was abandoned by everyone is now back and in love.
The riveting drama of vengeance and ambitions! <A Place in the Sun>

Oh Tae-yang (Kim Yu-wol) (36) CEO of investment company Sun Holdings / Played by Oh Chang-seok
Yu-wol, an orphan, was able to get a good job and buy a small apartment thanks to his fiancée Si-wol’s support. He dreams of a future life with Si-wol, but he meets with a car accident while investigating a corruption charge related to Yangji Group. He is luckily saved by Deok-sil and miraculously survives, but he is deep in shock after learning that Si-wol is married to the vice president of Yangji Group. He is bent on revenge and discards his name Kim Yu-wol, as he is already considered to be dead, and he adopts a new identity under the name of Oh Tae-yang. 10 years later, he becomes a successful businessman due to his financial prowers and moves into an upscale residential area. Now he thinks it’s time to take back everything he lost and that the time for revenge has begun.

Yoon Siwol (36), Daughter-in-law of Yangji Group / Played by Yoon So-yi
Si-wol loved Yu-wol’s sincerity and has always supported him, who had nothing compared to her. Si-wol was proud of Yu-wol, who wanted to do the right thing as an accountant when faced with Yangji Group’s corruption. After Yu-wol’s death, she realized that it wasn’t a simple car accident. She thought about revealing the crimes committed by Tae-jun, the vice chairman of Yangji Group, and then taking her own life. But when she learns that she is pregnant with Yu-wol’s child, she decides to seek revenge instead. Si-wol tries to get revenge on Tae-jun by taking advantage of his son Gwang-il, the successor of Yangji Group, and his love for her.

Choi Gwang-il (36) Vice President of Yangji Group / Played by Choi Seong-jae
Gwang-il was raised to be the successor of Yangji Group. When Tae-jun, who’s not his biological father, urges an arranged marriage with a woman from a respectable family, Gwang-il tells him, “You’re not my real father! Don’t interfere!” Gwang-il then sees a sorrowful expression on Tae-jun’s face that he fails to understand. Eventually, Gwang-il succeeds in marrying his true love, Si-wol. However, with the crisis caused by the collapse of Dot Com Bubble, he starts to lose his footing in the company. And a few years later, Tae-yang, a businessman of his age, moves in next door. Realizing that Tae-yang, despite his cheery appearance, wants to take everything from him including Si-wol, he declares a war.

Chae Deok-sil (32) Vice President of Sun Holdings / Played by Ha Si-eun
When the company she works for is about to close due to the IMF crisis, Deoks-il heads to the river because she would rather die. However, when she gets there, she finds a drowning man. She ends up saving him, and he claims to have lost all his memory. So she decides to take him back to her house and nurse him. And in fact, Deok-sil’s mother Mi-ran is an ex-lover of Tae-jun, the CEO of Yangji Group. Mi-ran, due to regrets about her past, helps Tae-yang get back on his feet. At the same time, Deok-sil also helps Tae-yang, who has lost his identity, to re-establish himself in society. She becomes a part of his company and ends up falling in love with him.



吴太阳(金六月)(36岁),太阳控股公司代表 / 吴彰锡 饰演

尹十月(36岁),阳地集团的儿媳妇 / 尹素怡 饰演

崔光日(36岁),阳地集团副总裁 / 崔成宰 饰演

蔡德实(32岁),太阳控股公司 副总裁 / 河诗恩 饰演