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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Choi Hyun-oak
Director :  
Kim Sang-hui
Cast :  
Shin Sung-rok, Go Won-hee, Cha Ye-ryun, Kim Min-gyu
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



Just a drop of perfume magically transforms a 40-year old woman into a slim woman in her 20s!
A hilarious romance between an eccentric fashion designer and a woman who’s living a new life thanks to a magical perfume!
KBS’s new mini-series <Perfume> ! A show with a magical scent starts now!

- Min Ye-rin (Min Jae-hee) / Go won-hee
She is currently the hottest model in Korea. However, she has a secret that nobody knows. In fact, she is not a hot, young model named Min Ye-rin, but an overweight 40-year-old woman named Min Jae-hee. She was once young, slim, and pretty, but due to her change in appearance after marriage and pregnancy, even her family started to treat her differently. She almost tried to kill herself, but thanks to a strange perfume that was delivered to her, she is now able to live as the young and beautiful Min Ye-rin. She completely erases Min Jae-hee, who always wanted to be loved, and starts to live her life fully as Ye-rin. However, she gets caught up in various scandals involving the genius fashion designer Yi-do. Will she be able to maintain the temporary youth that was given to her?

- Seo Yi-do / Shin Seong-rok
Yi-do looks like a perfect, clean-cut fashion designer. However, due to childhood trauma and a woman he loved in the past, he has become very picky and difficult to approach with no love in his life. It is all because of the betrayal and dejection he felt when his only love suddenly got pregnant and married someone else. He gave up everything and studied abroad, becoming a genius designer and a successful businessman. But one day, Yi-do sees a woman who looks just like how his true love looked 17 years ago. Yi-do, who has treated everyone with disinterest until now, always loses his cool when faced with the mysterious woman Ye-rin.

-Yoon Min-seok / Kim Min-kyu
Min-seok is a world-famous K star. In order to get revenge on Seo Yi-do for destroying his life in the past, Min-seok has always seduced Yi-do’s girlfriends. However, his plans always failed, because Yi-do never truly loved anyone. When Min-seok gets curious about who has finally won over Yi-do, he gets to see her. Ye-rin looks like a K-pop idol but is also a great cook with a sense of humor that’s rare for someone her age. Seo Yi-do seems to transform into someone completely different in front of Ye-rin. Min-seok decides to seduce Ye-rin in order to make Yi-do’s life miserable, but he soon realizes that he’s starting to have feelings for her.

- Han Jina / Cha Ye-ryun
Jina was once the top model in the fashion industry. She dated Yi-do in the past, who was an aspiring designer at the time, but he never truly loved her and only warned her about love. Eventually, she broke up with him and married her current husband. She is now Yi-do’s business partner, working as the director of his modeling agency. But seeing how Yi-do continues to be in meaningless relationships for years, she thinks about getting a divorce and going back to Yi-do. However, she soon starts to feel threatened by the presence of Min Ye-rin.



-闵艺琳(闵在熙)/ 高媛熙 饰演

-徐伊道(37岁,天才时装设计师) / 申成禄 饰演

-尹珉锡(28岁,韩流明星) / 金旻奎 饰演


-韩智娜(38岁,模特经纪公司“E-Stream”懂事) / 车艺莲 饰演




ミン・イェリン(ミン・ジェヒ) / コ・ウォニ


ソ・イド(37歳、天才ファッションデザイナー) / シン・ソンロク

ユン・ミンソク(28歳、韓流スター) / キム・ミンギュ