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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Choi Hyun-oak
Director :  
Kim Sang-hui
Cast :  
Shin Sung-rok, Go Won-hee, Cha Ye-ryun, Kim Min-gyu
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



Just one drop of this magical perfume will make you young and beautiful again!
This is a story of a woman who started a new life with this magical perfume and a picky fashion designer who never was successful in love. Comical and magical romance will brought to you by <Perfume>.

-Min Ye-rin/ Min Jae-hee (cast : Go Won-hee)
She is the rising star of the model industry. However, she has a deep secret that never could tell to anyone. She actually is a lady in her 40s who was abandoned by her family because of her looks and attempted suicide in despair but when she put the perfume mysteriously delivered to her, she turned into young and beautiful herself in 20s. She threw away the fat and weary past and became young and beautiful ‘Min Ye-rin’. While she is working with Yi-do she gets involved with various scandals and incidents. Will she be able to keep her youth that has magically returned?

-Seo Yi-do (cast : Shin Sung-rok)
Even he looks like a perfect, neat, genius fashion designer, he never had been in a proper love relationship because of a woman whom he gave all of his heart married another guy. After this shocking and heart breaking experience, he went to study abroad. Several years later, he came back as a genius designer and a successful business man but with a picky personality who doesn’t believe in love. But one day, right in front of him, ‘she’ has appeared in front of him with the same look she had 17 years ago. Yi-do, who was always indifferent to everyone, loses his mind every time he sees Ye-rin…

-Han Ji-na (cast : Cha Ye-ryun)
She used to be the top model of Korea. In her past, she used to date Yi-do when he was a brave designer aspirant. But Yi-do never gave his heart to her, just gave warning on how dangerous love is. After she broke up with Yi-do, she married her husband now and she now is a cold business partner of Yi-do. But watching Yi-do repeating meaningless date and breakups, she plans to finish her marriage life and return to Yi-do. But with appearance of Ye-rin she starts to get nervous..

-Youn Min-seok (cast : Kim Min-gyu)
Min-suk is a global star. To have his revenge on Yi-do who made his life miserable, he seduced every woman Yi-do is seeing. However, since Yi-do never gives his true heart to anyone, Min-suk’s revenge always failed. While Min-suk was wondering what on earth is going on with Yi-do, he finds out about Ye-rin. Even she looks like a k-pop idol, she is a master of cooking and audacious not like any other women in her age. It seems that she is the only one who Yi-do cares about. So, he is plans to take Ye-rin away from Yi-do and break his heart. However, he starts to feel his heart starts to beating toward Ye-rin…