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English Title :  
Home For Summer
Korean Title :  
여름아 부탁해
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Family
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Koo Ki-won
Director :  
Sung Jun-he
Cast :  
Kim Hye-ok, Lee Young-eun, Na Hye-mi, Lee Chae-young
Production Year :  
Duration :  
35min * 120eps



No matter how your family grinds your gear, a family is family!
KBS drama <Home for Summer> shows a family who you cannot just hate in a joyful and heartwarming way.

-Na Young-sim (cast : Kim Hye-ok)
Young-sim is a supermom who raised three kids. Even when she was pregnant, she never stopped work at her beauty shop. With her sincere personality, she could even afford her own house. Her beauty shop is doing great, a doctor is her son in law, daughter as an actor and her son passed state examination. She seems having a perfect life but! When it rains it pours, due to a series of mind blowing events, she now is into a troubled life.

-Wang Geum-hee (cast : Lee Young-eun)
She is Young-sim’s first born. She married Jun-ho who is a doctor and has been a devoting wife. But she had a trouble getting pregnant so she decides to adopt a child from orphanage. One day, her husband declares divorce. He left her because Sang-mi; Geum-hee’s high school alumni and daughter of director of the hospital which Jun-ho’s works at, is pregnant with Jun-ho’s child. She was devastated but Sang-won, Sang-mi’s brother was the only one who consoled her. She starts to have feelings toward Sang-won but keep tries to push him away for her adopted child. However, she finds out unexpected truth…

-Wang Geum-joo (cast : Na Hye-mi)
Second daughter of Young-sim who dreams of becoming a super star. However, since she is a reenactment actress, it is hard for her to become a star. One day, with someone’s help, she is casted to a drama and she hires Seok-ho; Jun-ho’s brother as her manager. But it turns out that Seok-ho, who seemed like a jobless, was the writer of the drama! She was very upset but soon they became very close and decide to marry. Right before when she was about to tell her family, Geum-hee and Jun-ho gets divorce…

-Joo Sang-mi (cast : Lee Chae-young)
Daughter of Yong-jin the director of hospital. Because of her arbitrary personality, she became single after one year of marriage. She is seeing Dae-sung for a light relationship, but she thinks that to have a child, she has to marry a right man. One day she sees Jun-ho who works at her dad’s hospital. She felt fluttered but when she finds out that Jun-ho’s wife is her alumni Geum-hee, she starts to want Jun-ho even more…