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Mother Of Mine


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English Title :  
Mother Of Mine
Korean Title :  
세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Joe Jung-seon
Director :  
Lee Gun-jun
Cast :  
Kim Hae-suk, Yoo Sun, Kim so-yeon, Hong Jong-hyun, Kim Ha-kyung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 50eps (100eps)



This Drama is about the mothers and daughters of today and will bring comfort and support to the whole family through its story of a knotty relationship between a mother and her daughters created by the harsh realities of life. <Mother of Mine> is not a Drama that aims to sentimentalize realities. We’d like to show how the way a mother and a daughter relate to each other inside and outside of the household has changed from the past and that mothers are always on the side of us.

Park Seon-ja (cast : Kim Hae-suk)
Seon-ja is a middle-aged woman who has experienced the typical Korean triple whammy of a patriarchal husband, a terrible mother-in-law, and poverty. She worked hard to successfully run a restaurant and sent all of her daughters to university so they wouldn't grow up the same way she did, but just when it seems like she can finally kick back and relax, she gets even busier raising her eldest daughter’s child and helping out with the household chores. Seon-ja, now sick and tired of it all, really wants her life to change for the better.

Gang Mi-seon (cast : Yoo Sun)
Seon-ja’s eldest daughter, Mi-seon, is a burned out mom who has to work and take care of her family at the same time. She's barely getting by even with Seon-ja’s help and she's bothered by how overwork and exhaustion cause her and Seon-ja to argue with each other often. Mi-seon feels bad for her mom, who has always been on her side and dedicated her life to her daughters.

Gang Mi-ri (cast : Kim So-yeon)
Seon-ja’s second daughter, Miri, has worked hard to get into a good university and score a decent job, which Seon-ja is very proud of, but Mi-ri feels bad that her mother had to toil away her whole life. Mi-ri's goal now is to become a board member of the company she works for so that she can prove to a certain someone that a woman can succeed on her own. At long last, the result of the board member election is about to be announced. Will she achieve her life's goal?

Han Tae-ju (cast : Hong Jong-hyun)
Tae-ju has the brains to join the firm with top marks and good looks. Even if it was his grandfather’s company, he followed his father's wishes and applied to the job just like everyone else. He landed the position but his real identity is kept secret in the company. After getting the job, he trained hard under the guidance of Mi-ri for 3 years, during which time he also developed feelings for her. When the result of the board member election is announced, it turns out that Tae-ju, the grandson of the owner, is chosen over Mi-ri. How is he going to explain this situation and his feelings?

Gang Mi-hye (cast : Kim Ha-kyung)
Mi-hye is Seon-ja's youngest daughter. She received a prestigious literary award when she was young but she still hasn’t been able to publish a single book. She now works a part-time job but still dreams of success. She's also planning to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend who she dated for 8 years.