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My Fellow Citizens


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English Title :  
My Fellow Citizens
Korean Title :  
국민 여러분
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Han Jeong-hoon
Director :  
Kim Jeong-hyun
Cast :  
Choi Si-won(Super Junior), Lee Yoo-yeong, Kim Min-jung, Tae In-ho
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 18eps (36eps)



<My Fellow Citizens!> is a criminal comedy drama about a conman who somehow ends up getting married to a police detective and finds himself wrapped up in a case he didn’t want to be involved with, which ultimately leads to him running for Congress.

Yang Jung-guk, cast Choi Si-won (of Super Junior)
Jung-guk is an expert conman who started his path of fraud at the age of 10. How did someone like him end up marrying a police detective? Well, he didn’t even know his wife’s true identity until the day of their marriage. For 3 years, Jung-guk lived in hiding his true identity. But then one day, he encounters one of his victims and he starts to being chased. He figures getting arrested is better than living in hiding and attacks a random pedestrian who actually was a thief, and Jung-guk becomes a hero on social media as people talk about how he caught the thief. Now a hero, Jung-guk finally decides to run for Congress at the persistent insistence of the victim he had been running from. But could a conman like Jung-guk really get elected to Congress?

Kim Mi-young, cast Yoo-young
After losing her parents, Mi-young led a reckless life until the day she was deeply moved by a program for the youth held by the police department. This led to her turning her life around and she became a police. She then gets dumped by her boyfriend just for being a police officer, and falls into a life of drinking and fighting with others until she runs into Jung-guk. As soon as they get married, she tells him that she is a police detective, which creates a rift in their relationship. Then one day, Jung-guk becomes a national hero and even runs for Congress! During this time, she finds out that Jung-guk and his entire family members are con artists…

Park Hoo-ja, cast Kim Min-jung
Hoo-ja is the youngest daughter of a legendary loan shark, and her father raised her to be strong so that she could one day take over his business. But one day, her extremely careful father gets scammed, and when he finds out, he passes out from shock, and after Hoo-ja takes over her father’s company, it grows into one of the biggest private lending companies in Korea. One day, she happens to find Jung-guk, the man who made her father pass out, but it turns out that this swindler has become a national hero! So she changes her plan and threatens Jung-guk into running for Congress so that she could use him…

Han Sang-jin, cast Tae In-ho
Han Sang-jin is a rookie in the world of politics, and after he announces that he will run for Congress, Hoo-ja offers him a deal, which he indirectly declines at first. Not long after, he begins to worry about his low approval ratings because his rival, Jung-guk, is gaining a lot of popularity. When Hoo-ja returned with news about Jung-guk, Sang-jin was shocked. How could Mi-young’s husband be a con artist? Hoo-ja asks him if he would accept the deal if she got Jung-guk to resign, he was shocked by the news but also shocked to learn that Jung-guk is married to his childhood love Mi-young. Sang-jin vows to get elected so that he can save Mi-young from this conman.



杨正国 (Super Junior崔始源 饰)

金美英 (李裕英 饰)

朴厚子 (金敏贞 饰)

韩相镇 (太仁镐 饰)



ヤン・ジョングク キャスト/シウォン(SUPER JUNIOR)

キム・ミヨン キャスト/イ・ユヨン

パク・フジャ キャスト/キム・ミンジョン

ハン・サンジン キャスト/テ・インホ