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My Fellow Citizens


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English Title :  
My Fellow Citizens
Korean Title :  
국민 여러분
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Han Jeong-hoon
Director :  
Kim Jeong-hyun
Cast :  
Choi Si-won(Super Junior), Lee Yoo-yeong, Kim Min-jung, Tae In-ho
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 18eps (36eps)



A swindler happens to marry a police woman! The Swindler, worrying his wife finds out about his past, at verge of ruining his marriage life. One day, he was involved in an absurd incident and ends up running for national assembly. As a former swindler, he desperately tries to have himself defeated in election but people loved him for being a brand new type of politician and make him win. While running for campaign, the swindler sees and feels the hardships and struggles of the people and decides to change the world as a politician…

-Yang Jung-guk (cast : Choi Si-won)
As a son of swindler family, he also is a swindler who has been making money with fraud. However, when his wife who he loved enthusiastically reveals that she is police, his marriage life starts to cool down. In addition, Hoo-ja the daughter of a moneylender who lost a lot of money because of Jung-guk’s fraud comes up and threats him to run for national assembly or die. Having no choice, he runs for national assembly…

-Kim Mi-young (cast : Lee Yoo-yeong)
A capable detective. After marriage, she realizes her husband somewhat put distance. Even if she moved her department to indoor, their relationship just won’t get better and she is sick of it.
One day, Jung-guk truthfully says he wants to run for national assembly. Mi-young decides to help out his campaign but during the campaign, she finds out that Jung-guk was the swindler she has been tracking for a long time…

-Park Hoo-ja (cast : Kim Min-jung)
Daughter of a legendary moneylender Park Sang-pil. When she was preparing for inheriting the company, her father was swindled by Jung-guk. After she inherited the company, she tries to have the bill against moneylenders rejected by having politicians on her side. However, there was one politician short for rejection. She tries to use Jung-guk who she was actually planning on killing by making him a politician. But, contrary to what she thought, Jung-guk starts to do his best work as a politician of people…

-Han Sang-jin (cast : Tae In-ho)
A skilled political novice. Sang-jin, who had feelings for Mi-young for a long time, even if he is young, he was nominated as a candidate. When Hoo-ja approached him to be on her side, he refused at once. However, when he found out about Jung-guk, he decides to separate Jung-guk from Mi-young and try his everything to win the election.