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Doctor Prisoner


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English Title :  
Doctor Prisoner
Korean Title :  
닥터 프리즈너
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Medical Drama, Prison Drama
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Gye-ok
Director :  
Hwang In-hyuk
Cast :  
NamKoong Min, Kwon Na-ra (Hello Venus), Kim Byung-cheol, Choi Won-young
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



Genius doctor Na I-je was going his path to success, UNTIL he was wrongfully accused and gets kicked out of the hospital. I-je now realizes that what he needed to survive was not ‘skills’ but ‘connections’. His next move was to become a prison doctor. He starts to take care of the all the big shots in prison making connections with them waiting for his day of revenge toward the hospital kicked him out.

-Na I-je (cast : Namkoong Min)
He is not from a rich family nor has influential connections but he was praised by many people for having excellent surgery skills. One day, when a patient dies due to disturbance of Tae-gang group, he was accused of the cause and gets his doctor’s license suspended. Now I-je is planning on revenge. He plans to become a head of prison hospital and make the connections with all the big shots of politics and economics that are in prison. He is going to use the connection as his weapon and try to take over the Tae-gang group.

-Han So-geum (cast : Kwon Na-ra)
Prison doctor in charge of female inmates. She looks bright outside but truth is that she volunteered for prison hospital to find out mysterious death of her sister in this prison. But the truth is kept secret in Min-sik’s hand. Meanwhile, I-je reached out his hand towards her…

-Sun Min-sik (cast : Kim Byung-cheol)
Min-sik is current head of prison hospital who is full of elite ideology. He had no choice but to work in prison hospital due to the mistake he made when he was intern. However, once he learned that every political and economic big shots in prison are desperate in need of his medical certificate, he realizes it’s a path of success not a failure. So he starts to reign the prison like a castellan but one day, I-je appeared in front of his way…

-Lee Jae-jun (cast: Choi Won-young)
First born of Tae-gang group. He always been keeping eyes on his step mother’s offspring; Jae-hwan and Jae-in. Taking the chance of his brothers went abroad, he made his chairman father unconscious and took his step to take over the group. Also, when Jae-hwan was arrested and sentenced 7 years in prison, to stabilize his position, he chose I-je as a new chief of the prison hospital. Not knowing it will be a great trouble to him…