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Doctor Prisoner


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English Title :  
Doctor Prisoner
Korean Title :  
닥터 프리즈너
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Medical Drama, Prison Drama
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Gye-ok
Director :  
Hwang In-hyuk
Cast :  
NamKoong Min, Kwon Na-ra (Hello Venus), Kim Byung-cheol, Choi Won-young
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



<Doctor Prisoner> is a one-of-a-kind, suspenseful prison medical drama that features Na I-je - the best surgeon at one of the largest hospitals in Korea—who volunteered to be the head of a prison’s medical center; a job everyone else usually hopes to avoid, in order to achieve his dream. The lone wolf I-je soon becomes heavily involved in various schemes and revenge plots against ‘Taegang Corporation’, a huge conglomerate in Korea. Ironically enough, these stories play out within a prison’s walls, where some of Korea’s most important and powerful people come together as one.

Na I-je, cast Namkoong-Min
I-je is from a poor background but he overcomes the circumstances to become the best surgeons in Korea based solely on his medical skills. One day, one of I-je's patients died because of the power tripping of hospital board member’s son. As a result, I-je’s medical license was suspended, and was not able to find another job because of the influence of ‘Taegang Corporation’, a powerful conglomerate in Korea.
I-je then decides to take revenge, choosing to fight in a prison as the head of the prison’s medical center. Ironically, prison has brought together some of the richest and the most powerful people.

Han So-geum, cast Kwon Na-ra (of Hello Venus)
The psychiatrist at the prison. She used to be known for her bright personality, before her younger brother died in prison. She tried to reveal the truth behind his death, her efforts were thwarted by the head of the prison’s medical center Min-sik. That’s when she asks the new head of the prison’s medical center, I-je, to help her. Once the two of them find out that they actually go way back, they begin to trust each other more and more, and even end up in a romantic relationship.

Sun Min-sik, cast Kim Byung-chul
Min-sik is the third generation of his family to be doctors, However, despite the immense pride in his position, However when he was an intern, despite accidentally causing his patient to fall into a vegetative state, his father helps him cover up his mistakes, then he begins working at a prison medical center instead. Although at first he was angry, he realizes that prison is much more than just an ordinary prison. he tries to use that to his advantage by moving to the top of the social hierarchy in the prison.

Lee Jae-jun cast Choi Won-young
The eldest son of Taegang Corporation’s CEO, grows up bitter about—and seeks revenge for—his mother’s suicide, which happened when he was young after his father cheated on her. Jae-jun hides his true inner thoughts and instead works hard to beat his other half-siblings so that he can become the next CEO after his father. After he gains the trust of everyone around him, he puts his father into a coma, sends his younger siblings abroad and seizes control of the company. he goes so far as to send his siblings to prison by making I-je into the head of the prison’s medical center without knowing what a huge mistake he was making. Will Jae-jun realizes that he is the final target of I-je and So-geum?



罗以济(南宫民 饰)

韩素琴(权娜拉 饰)

善珉植(金炳哲 饰)

李在俊(崔元英 饰)



ナ・イジェ キャスト/ナムグン・ミン

ハン・ソグム キャスト/クォン・ナラ

ソン・ミンシク キャスト/キム・ビョンチョル

イ・ジェジュン キャスト/チェ・ウォニョン