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Liver or Die


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English Title :  
Liver or Die
Korean Title :  
왜그래 풍상씨
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Moon Young-nam
Director :  
Jin Hyeong-wook
Cast :  
Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Ji-ho, Jun Hye-bin, Lee Si-young
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 20eps (40eps)



Pung-sang devoted his life to support his siblings. Even though his siblings became trouble makers, he believed that families are to support each other no matter what and supported his siblings. But when he was hospitalized because of his burden and fatigue of supporting family, no one was there to support him and donate liver. He was shocked and felt betrayed to his siblings. However, each of the sibling also had their stories of their own…

-Lee Pung-sang (cast : Yoo Jun-sang)
First born who devoted his life to raise his younger siblings that their parents left. He tries his best but harsh reality makes him hospitalized. Contrary to his expectations, his siblings stepped back when he asked for liver transplant. He was dying in feeling of betrayal and sadness but one anonymous person came up and donated liver. After getting a new life, he starts to wonder who the mysterious donner is…

-Lee Jin-sang (cast : Oh Ji-ho)
Second born who lives under Pung-sang’s house. Walking disaster. After he loses all his college tuition which Pung-sang earned for him to a fraudulent gamble, he makes many troubles and make Pung-sang sad. One day, he meets the friend who seduced him to gambling and ruined his life. When Jin-sang found out that he is living a rich life, he decides to murder him as a revenge but Pung-sang says he needs to have live transplant. What choice will he make?

-Lee Jung-sang (cast : Jun Hye-bin)
Third born, older of the twins, she is smart, logical but sometimes cold. She was in love with her colleague who she met in her medical school for a long time but he flew away to America a day before wedding because of her poverty. When she was about to give up everything broken-hearted, her senior colleague who is already married and have kids, reached out his hand toward her. Shortly after, her affairs got caught and she is now verge of being kicked out of her hospital…

-Lee Hwa-sang (cast: Lee Si-young)
Fourth born, younger of the twins. She loves to play, uses up every money she earns and extravagant. She was not interested in study from the first place and moreover, she couldn’t even go to school properly since she was busy taking care of her youngest brother. She is very upset that Jung-sang looks down on her and hurt by Pung-sang who favors Jung-sang.



刘俊相 饰 李奉尚

吴智昊 饰 李真尚

全慧彬 饰 李静尚

李诗英 饰 李华尚

李昌烨 饰 李外尚



イ・プンサン キャスト/ユ・ジュンサン

イ・ジンサン キャスト/オ・ジホ

イ・ジョンサン キャスト/チョン・ヘビン

イ・ファサン キャスト/イ・シヨン

イ・ウェサン キャスト/イ・チャンヨプ