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Left-Handed Wife


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English Title :  
Left-Handed Wife
Korean Title :  
왼손잡이 아내
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Myung-wook
Director :  
Kim Sang-hwi
Cast :  
Lee Soo-gyung, Kim Jin-woo, Jin Tae-hyun, Ha Yeon-ju
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



There was a loving couple who would give anything for each other. But their faith was twisted by the ones who are blinded by the power and greed. She lost her husband on the day of honeymoon and he lost who he is. However, the woman believes that her husband is still alive in somewhere and keeps looking for him. One day, she encounters a man who reminds his husband…

-Oh San-ha (cast : Lee Soo-gyung)
On her 20th birthday, Su-ho came by her side like a gift. Su-ho and San-ha was a soulmate and they have promised their life to each other. However, on their honeymoon, Su-ho has gone missing. for 5 years, he could not be found. When everyone was assuming Su-ho is dead, San-ha believed that he would return. One day, she meets Park Do-gyung and starts to feel something towards the Do-gyung who reminds her of Su-ho. Every habits of Do-gyung were habits of Su-ho. She kept telling herself it’s all just a coincidence but she realizes that her heart is already starts to love him…

-Lee Su-ho / Park Do-gyung
(cast : Kim Jin-woo)
The lost grandson of Aura group, but Su-ho was raised as an orphan because of jealousy of greedy adults. He learns about true love when he meets San-ha. However, he falls into coma because of the accident that happened in his honeymoon. 5 years later, he miraculously wakes up but he now is Park Do-gyung the heir of Aura group not Su-ho the orphan. Since he couldn’t remember anything because of lesion, he tries to deny all the unusual feelings inside him and concentrate on the company. However, there are strange yet familiar memories thrusting into his heart and this woman San-ha, every time he looks at her he feels strange…

-Jang Esther (cast : Ha Yeon-ju)
Su-ho’s orphanage friend Esther is Do-gyung’s lover. However, since Do-gyung’s mother’s objection against their love was so strong, she had no choice to put end to their relationship to protect her child inside her. To comfort her sadness, she was traveling near the orphanage and accidently sees the car accident of Su-ho and Do-gyung. Right away she knew who is responsible for the accident and called someone. 5 years later, she became the daughter in law of the Aura group and even raising the child who will inherit Aura group. What has she done to Su-ho and Do-gyung?

-Kim Nam-jun (cast: Jin Tae-hyun)
Nam-jun is from the same orphanage with Esther. He got scholarships from Aura group and gains trust of the CEO. Also, he was ordered to be the next chairman of the Aura group. However, after Do-gyung no, Su-ho wakes up from the coma, Nam-jun faces unexpected trouble in his plan. Trouble that fake Do-gyung is too good with the job, the trouble that he was the lost grandson of the group and his plan to put Do-gyung and San-ha away from each other made him fall in love with San-ha…



李秀景 饰 吴潸河

金振宇 饰 李水湖

金振宇 饰 朴道京

何燕珠 饰 张以斯帖



オ・サンハ キャスト/イ・スギョン

イ・スホ キャスト/キム・ジヌ

パク・ドギョン キャスト/キム・ジヌ

チャン・エスター キャスト/ハ・ヨンジュ