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Grandma's Restaurant In Samcheong-Dong


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English Title :  
Grandma's Restaurant In Samcheong-Dong
Korean Title :  
삼청동 외할머니
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Entertainment, Culture, Cooking
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Baek Sung-woon
Director :  
Lee Hwang-sun
Cast :  
Kim Young-chul, Andy (ShinHwa), Eric Nam, Stella Jang, Joo E (MoMo Land)
Production Year :  
Duration :  
80 min * -



We all know our grandma is the master chef when it comes to home-made meals. And Here, the grandmas from all around the world who has lifetime experience with home-made meals, came to Korea.
The opportunity to taste all the delicious cusine of the grandmas has come.

What’s special about this exotic meals is that there are cultures melted in the foods which grandmas make.
In their fingertips, culture of the different countries are served!

The special meal with different experiences of life will be at your table.
Welcome to the Grandma’s Restaurant in SamCheong-Dong!


1. Grandma is the Best Chef

 This show has famous, young, handsome and beautiful celebrities as the hosts. However, the main focus of this title is grandmas.
This is a cooking show and we all know that our grandmas are the best cook in the world. It’s not just about their foods.

It’s about affection of grandmas who never let you leave with empty stomach.
It’s about love of our grandmas who always let you have the last piece of pie.

Audiences will enjoy their tongues with the delicious foods and warm their hearts with love of grandmas.

2. Global Cooking Show in the Midst of Very Korean Town

 Global Food :
There are six grandmas to introduce their home-made meals.
Each of them is from different country. Hungary, Costa Rica, Belgium, Thailand, Mexico and France.
Not like other cooking shows in Korea that are focused more on Korean foods, this show focuses on global and traditional foods of each culture. With the melting-pot style cooking show, this will attract many audiences around the globe.

 Very Korean Place :
SamCheong-dong is a town where Korean traditions are still well preserved. We still can see over hundred years old traditional houses filled in the street. Also there are lots of restaurants serving Korean dishes.
Ironically, this show about home-made meals from other country, takes place in a very Korean town. But this is the point which makes this show even more special.
Audiences can enjoy various cultures around the world but at the same time, they can enjoy the traditions of Korea!


奶奶做出一顿顿饭菜的双手,蕴藏着她们的人生积淀下来的文 化, 本节目帮助您了解如文化遗产般宝贵的各国奶奶们的厨艺。 一辈子在家中下厨,厨艺堪称绝活的奶奶们相继来到韩国!来自 各国的奶奶们大显身手,亮出世界文化的佳肴美馔!将摆在我们 眼前的道道佳肴,蕴藏着别具意义的人生,欢迎光临三清洞外国 奶奶西餐厅!


一片食を作り出すおばあさんの手先には、彼女たちの人生が溶け 込んだ文化がある。文化遺産のような全世界のおばあさんたち のおふくろの味を一堂に味わえる機会が与えられた。一生家族の ために料理を作ってきたおばあさんたちが韓国に上陸!様々な国 籍のおばあさんたちの手から繰り広げられる世界文化の真髄!人 生のこもったあの特別なごちそうが我らの目の前で繰り広げられ る。三清洞おばあちゃんの食堂へようこそ!