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English Title :  
Just Dance
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kwon Hye-ji
Director :  
Hwang Eui-gyung
Cast :  
Park Se-wan, Jang Dong-yun, Kim Gap-su, Lee Ju-yeong
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 8 eps



KBS drama <Just Dance> portraits the growth of students in dance sports class of girls’ commercial high school. In the small yet beautiful city Geoje, there are students who chase their dreams in their own ways. Even though their grades are hitting rock bottom, they will struggle and grow to make their future shine like a dance stage.

-Kim Si-eun (cast : Park Se-wan)
Si-eun’s only hope is the life after her 20s.. Escaping Geoje where lots of people think Si-eun weird for pursuing freedom and progress, is her goal as a teenager. To enter the university in special screening, she joins the dance sports class with her friends. Can she successfully achieve her goal?

-Kwon Seung-chan
(cast : Jang Dong-yun)
He is a natural born introvert but since his father accused him for not being manly enough, became acquired extrovert. For his father, he has learned almost everything but only thing he was interested was sports dance taught by his mother. While he was secretly practicing the dance sports sneaking the dance sports class, he gets caught by Si-eun…

-Lee Gyu-ho (cast : Kim Gap-su)
He started teaching dance sports so students can have a fun school life. What he teaches in school is P.E and dance sports, what he truly wants to teach student are hope that they can achieve something regardless of their grades, the happiness that comes from doing what they love and truthful relationship. These are what he thinks is crucial to teenagers. Will the dance sports class students understand his warm and kind heart?

-Park Hye-jin (cast: Lee Ju-yeong)
From childhood, she was raised by her grandmother. Rather than being a cute little girl with love of parents, she chose to grow up fast. She figured that life being dependent to others is wrong. She thinks that to survive from this wild and barren world, she has to be strong and independent. Throughout a chain of events, she joins dance sports class but she doesn’t want to dance. She basically doesn’t trust Gyu-ho who everyone praises as a good person. She is very skeptical about Gyu-ho for proposed her to join the dance sports class.