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Feel Good To Die


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English Title :  
Feel Good To Die
Korean Title :  
죽어도 좋아
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romance Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lim Seo-ra
Director :  
Lee Eun-jin
Cast :  
Kang Ji-hwan, Baek Jin-hee, Gong Myoung, Park Sol-mi
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 16eps (32eps)



When her boss dies, the day restarts! Based on a web comic of the same name, “Feel Good to Die” is an office drama about the battle of a girl named Ru-da, who’s stuck in a time loop where she must reform and save her terrible boss, Jin-sang, who comes back to life every time he dies as the time loop resets.

Baek Jin-sang played by Kang Ji-hwan
Jin-sang who has always been No. 1 in his life, is also “No. 1 Most Cussed At” and “No. 1 Boss You Want To Kill.” However, Jin-sang believes that he is not trying to belittle others, but stick to his principles and do his best to make the world a better place before he dies. But then one day, he really does die, to his disbelief. At first, he thought it was a dream, but then he starts dying every day! Just then, Ru-da tells him about the time loop and that he can only escape it by becoming nice. His reply? “I lived my life wrong? Don’t be ridiculous!”

Lee Ru-da played by Baek Jin-hee
Ru-da may seem like a positive girl, but she really just wants the day to go by. One day, after a business dinner, Jin-sang, who everyone wants dead, really dies in front of her! Then she wakes up in her bed and realizes it was all just a dream. But then she notices the same day is repeating over and over again. What she eventually discovers is that whenever someone yells out, “Jin-sang, die!” Jin-sang dies and the day begins again! Thus, Ru-da begins her “Making Jin-sang Human” project to move on to tomorrow.

Kang Jun-ho played by Gong myoung
Jun-ho is the nephew of the owner of the biggest company in the chicken industry. His life looks perfect on the outside, he has a painful past regarding his parents. That is why spending money became his hobby. When Jun-ho pointlessly works at his uncle’s chicken company, a change occurs in his life. One day, he happens to see Ru-da grabs her infamous boss, Jin-sang by his collar and Jun-ho gets overwhelmed by her. Jun-ho transfers the team to observe Ru-da closely. It looks like Jin-sang and Ru-da share a secret and strangely it makes him upset about that.

Yu Si-baek played by Park Sol-mi
“Jin-sang… I am glad you are alive and well. So that I can crush you!” Director Si-baek transfers in from an international chicken firm. She actually volunteered to be transferred. Her goal is to become the CEO of the company and fire Jin-sang. Why? In college, she wanted to help Jin-sang, who was lonely and looked like a country bumpkin, but all he said when she approached him was, “You’re a girl?” Si-baek has worked hard ever since then to seek revenge and her chance has finally come.



白辰上 cast 姜至奂

李露达 cast 白珍熙

姜俊浩 cast 孔明

柳诗白 cast 朴帅眉
“白辰上……幸好,你还活得好好的。让我来打倒你!”从外企炸鸡行本部长位置离职的柳诗白本部长,竟是自愿过来的。诗白的目标是成为社长,而且她下达的第一个业务指示就是“解雇白辰上”。 诗白从小在农村长大,大学时期有些土里土气的。她见辰上单独一人就想过去帮他,辰上竟然跟她说“你是女人吗?”。开始社会生活后,她就反复琢磨这句话,渐渐踏入成功大道的诗白终于抓到了再会辰上的机会!



ペク・ジンサン cast カン・ジファン

イ・ルダ cast ペク・ジニ
「メンタルというものは、出勤する時には家に置いて、帰ったら再び合体するのだ!」というモットーで前向きに生きるルダは、どうか無難に毎日を過ごしたい。ある日、チームの飲み会の後、皆に「死んじゃってほしい」と思われているジンサンが目の前で本当に死んだ!目を覚めたらなんとベッドの上。夢かと安心したルダは、まったく同じ一日が繰り返されることに気がつく。つまり、誰かが「ペク・ジンサン、死んでしまえ!」と叫ぶと、ジンサンは死んで、また同じ一日がはじまるのだ。無事に明日にたどり着くために、ルダは「ペク・ジンサン 良い人間プロジェクト」に突入する。

カン・ジュノ cast コンミョン

ユ・シベク cast パク・ソルミ