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It's My Life


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English Title :  
It's My Life
Korean Title :  
비켜라 운명아
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama Series
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Kye-hyeong
Director :  
Gwak Gi-won
Cast :  
Park Yoon-Jae, Seo Hyo-rim, Kang Tae-sung, Jin Ye-sol
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 120 eps



You are the creator of your own destiny! <It’s My Life> tells the tale of four young men and women through the topic of clothing. Just like new fashion trends bloom into style, these individualistic, fun-loving youths full of hope grow through experiencing both love and pain.

Yang Nam-jin cast Park Yoon-jae
Nam-jin is armed with a bright smile and an ultra-positive attitude. Although the employment office he owns only has one employee, Nam-jin is still technically the CEO. Due to his kindhearted nature, he works hard without getting much in return and takes on whatever work that comes his way to make two women happy: his mother and his first love, Ji-na. As he is doing his utmost day by day, destiny knocks at his door; he is apparently a blood relative of the family that runs the massive conglomerate Hyeongang Group! And with that revelation, he is tossed headfirst into a battlefield of dreams and love.

Han Seung-ju cast Seo Hyo-rim
Seung-ju, a famous fashionista and the only daughter of a major business tycoon, has lived a lonely life ever since teenage, when her mom passed away. After studying abroad, Seung-ju returns to Korea and is shocked to discover that her father is dating a gold digger and Seung-ju herself is to be betrothed to the grandson of the owner of Hyeon-gang Group. Right then, Nam-jin appears before her as if by destiny. They butt heads every time they meet, but her feelings for him also deepen. Being a romantic, and thus a believer in love, Seung-ju vows to seize both love and a bright future.

Choi Siu cast Kang Tae-sung
Siu is the grandson of the owner of Hyeongang Group. He is a fashion industry leader who overpowers those around him with his exacting charisma and steely exterior. As the son of a mistress, he was never loved or recognized by his grandfather. That is why Siu is determined to become even more powerful in order to protect his mother. But love comes knocking on Siu’s icy heart and he must make a choice: Hyeongang Group or his mother? Love or power?

Jeong Jin-a cast Jin Ye-sol
Jin-a is Nam-jin’s childhood friend and first love. Nam-jin was her only beacon of light during her otherwise dark childhood. To achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Jin-a studied ferociously and took on every conceivable part-time job. She gets a job at an apparel company after graduating from college, but the company goes bankrupt. What awaits Jin-a when she returns to her hometown is a sick father, mounds of debt, and an arranged marriage for financial gain. To turn her destiny back around, Jin-a begins to rebel.



朴允载 饰 杨南镇

徐孝琳 饰 韩胜珠

姜泰成 饰 崔时雨

秦艺率 饰 郑珍雅


運命は自ら切り開くもの !「どけよ、運命」は、服というテーマを通じて4人の青春男女の現在を描く。恋愛や傷心を経験しながら成長する若者たちは、華やかなファッションのように、それぞれの色へと生まれ変わる。そんな彼らの姿が、楽しさや希望を与えてくれるだろう。

ヤン・ナムジン cast パク・ユンジェ

ハン・スンジュ cast ソ・ヒョリム

チェ・シウ cast カン・テソン

チョン・ジナ cast チン・イェソル