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Matrimonial Chaos


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English Title :  
Matrimonial Chaos
Korean Title :  
최고의 이혼
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Moon Jeong-min
Director :  
Yoo Hyun-ki
Cast :  
Bae Du-na, Cha Tae-hyun, E L, Son Suk-gu
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 16eps (32eps)



KBS MEDIA <Matrimonial Chaos>

Everybody dreams of getting married and most people do end up doing so. But is a marriage really the final step of love? A couple here is about to get divorced, but why are they getting divorced and why did they get married in the first place? “Matrimonial Chaos” is a romantic comedy TV series that portrays the differences in men and women’s points of view on love, marriage and family in a comical yet touching way.

Jo Seok-mu cast Cha Tae-hyun
Seok-mu is a picky and sensitive man. dreamed of becoming a musician is currently working at a security system company, still he is secretly writing songs as well. After marrying Hwi-ru, realizes that marriage is basically unending torture and a lifelong act. As he loses his confidence and gets depressed, he meets his ex-girlfriend Yu-yeong. He falls for Yu-yeong again even though she is married, and Hwi-ru suddenly asks for a divorce. He wants to find out why he is surprised by the request that he had long hoped for and why the news pains him.

Kang Hwi-ru cast Bae Doo-na
Hwi-ru is a carefree person with a positive attitude. She did track and field, but it wasn’t easy to find a job. She currently owns a guesthouse on the second floor of her home and earns pocket money as a PE teacher, living a life completely different from Seok-mu with her easygoing attitude. While she lived a somewhat disappointing and lonely life with Seok-mu, she declares she wants a divorce over a slice of cake. What is the real reason behind her request?

Jin Yu-yeong cast EL
Yu-yeong is a blunt-talking, strong woman who dated Seok-mu in college. She met the free-spirited Jang-hyeon and learned that love is not something that you do, but something that you fall into. She is currently maintaining her unique marriage with Jang-hyeon well. Yu-yeong then runs into Seok-mu and is happy to see him, but she doesn’t want him to find out what kind of marriage she has.

Lee Jang-hyeon cast Son Seok-gu
No one can tell what Jang-hyeon is up to by looking at him. He is a teacher at an arts college and is popular among his students. His lifestyle doesn’t suit a marriage, but for some reason he accepted Yu-yeong’s proposal and has been keeping up with the marriage pretty well. In his own way…


KBS MEDIA 《最完美的离婚》


赵硕武 cast 车太铉

姜晖路cast 裴斗娜

陈柔英 cast 李艾儿

李章玄cast 孙锡求



チョ・ソクム cast チャ・テヒョン

カン・フィル  cast ペ・ドゥナ

チン・ユヨン  cast イ・エル

イ・ジャンヒョン cast ソン・ソック