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The Ghost Detective


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English Title :  
The Ghost Detective
Korean Title :  
오늘의 탐정
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Han Ji-wan
Director :  
Lee Jae-hoon
Cast :  
Choi Daniel, Park Eun-bin, Lee Ji-a, Kim Won-hae
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 16eps (32eps)



Inhuman crimes are no longer surprising in today’s world. The number of attacks on random targets is rising, along with the rate of suicide, and these are all damaging our society. Are all these issues actually caused by human beings? What if they were not? <The Ghost Detective> begins with the idea that all of these things are controlled by ghosts. To solve this problem, a private detective and his fearless female assistant head out to pursue the ghost causing these crimes in a chilling, thrilling horror drama with unpredictable twists that will captivate viewers.

Lee Dail cast Choi Daniel
Dail, a private detective tasked with catching a ghost, has sharp investigative abilities but is uncontrollable. His true talents only show when he's tackling a case that he wants to handle. He accepts Yeoul as his assistant when she comes to him asking for help in revealing the truth behind her younger sister's death. Thus they set out to solve the case together. In the midst of this, he runs into a mysterious woman dressed in a red dress named Hye, learns that a ghost is involved and realizes it is his destiny to catch it.

Jung Yeoul cast Park Eunbin
Assistant detective Yeoul has years of part-time work experience, which has given her an extraordinary amount of patience. Without their parents, her sister was the only family she had and could rely on until she mysteriously committed suicide. Yeoul’s strive to discover the truth behind her sister’s death led her to meet Detective Dail and she becomes his assistant. Her sister informed her of a woman in a red dress through sign language right before she died, and Yeoul works with Dail to discover the mysterious truth and find the woman.

Seonu Hye cast Lee Jiah
Hye is the mysterious woman in red who appears at every unusual crime scene. She looks innocent but has a creepy aura about her and is able to horrify people simply by appearing at the scene. This mysterious woman holds the key to solving the case. If they find her, will Dail and Yeoul be able to resolve the bizarre cases they're working on?

Park Jungdae cast Lee Jaekyun
Detective Jungdae recently graduated from the police academy and is filled with a sense of justice. His first case is Yeoul's sister's suicide because there was no way he could refuse Yeoul's pleas to reinvestigate the case. In the midst of this, he discovers that Yeoul and Dail turn up at every unusual crime scene and he starts to pursue the woman in the red dress that Yeoul keeps talking about.

Han Sangseop cast Kim Wonhae
Han Sangseop is the chief of the private detective agency “A Few Good Men,” which Dail is also a member of. He is known as the Sherlock Holmes of catching cheaters and is the one who recognized Dail's talents and brought him into the world of detective work. Then one day, Dail disappears while investigating a missing child case at a kindergarten.



崔丹尼尔 饰 李多日

朴恩斌 饰 郑汝蔚

李智雅 饰 鮮于慧

李在均 饰 朴正大

金元海 饰 韩相燮
相燮是多日所属的“好人寥寥(A Few Goodman)”侦探事务所的所长。他被称为外遇界的夏洛克,是韩国正宗的侦探。他欣赏多日的才能,带他进入侦探圈。有一天,调查幼儿失踪案件的多日突然消失了。



イ・ダイル キャスト/チェ・ダニエル

チョン・ヨウル キャスト/パク・ウンビン

ソンウ・へ キャスト/イ・ジア

パク・ジョンデ キャスト/イ・ジェギュン

ハン・サンソプ キャスト/キム・ウォンへ