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Lovely Horribly


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English Title :  
Lovely Horribly
Korean Title :  
러블리 호러블리
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Horror, Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Min-joo
Director :  
Bae Kyung-soo
Cast :  
Park Si-hoo, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Ki-gwang, Ham Eun-jeong
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 16eps (32eps)



Our hearts begin to race both when we are in love and when we are terrified. Our hearts race at the prospect of an unknown world that we have not yet experienced. That’s the similarity of love and horror. Whatever scriptwriter Oh Eul-sun writes in her script actually comes true in real life. A sweet yet horrific love story begins between her and A-lister Yu Phillip, the main star of her script, as the two are stuck between coincidence and fate, as well as horror and melodrama.
“Your beginnings will seem horrible, so lovely will your future be!”

Yu Phillip (Cast: Park Si-hoo)
A-list celebrity Phillip has been lucky, going from an idol singer to a famous actor. He had a dark childhood as he grew up in poverty with his mother who was a shaman, but after debuting as an idol singer, he has been on the fast-track to success. However, on his 34th birthday, his perfect life begins to crumble. After hearing a terrifying prophecy from a fortune-teller, he meets scriptwriter Eul-sun, who had written about an incident that he’s been hiding for the past 8 years.

Oh Eul-sun (Cast: Song Ji-hyo)
Scriptwriter Eul-sun was born with a silver spoon and grew up in a wealthy family. But when she turned 10, her father’s business went bankrupt and misfortune befell her. Nothing went right for her. Eight years ago, her drama script won a contest and gained the opportunity to make it to the screen. However, due to an unfortunate accident on the day she was supposed to hand over the script, she missed her chance. Then on her 34th birthday, she runs into A-list celebrity Phillip and her life takes a sudden, unexpected turn.

Lee Seong-jung (Cast: Lee Gi-kwang)
Seong-jung is a properly-raised, charming drama producer who can see ghosts. Surprisingly, his first love is Eul-sun, the beautiful daughter of his landlord and the one who treated him nicely and sang lullabies to him 24 years ago. They reunite as drama producer and scriptwriter, but just when Seong-jung thinks his love for Eul-sun will come to fruition, Eul-sun and Phillip somehow get involved in different incidents and he gets frustrated.

Shin Yu-na (Cast: Ham Eun-jung)
Yu-na is an A-list actress in Korea. She was able to go from idol trainee to actress thanks to Phillip. Yu-na is loved not only by men, but also by women thanks to her graceful image. Then one day, a woman named Oh Eul-sun shows up in the life of Philip, her lover. Eul-sun isn’t pretty enough for Yuna to be jealous, but Yu-na can’t help but be bothered by her.

Ki Eun-yeong (Cast: Choi Yeo-jin)
Scriptwriter Eun-yeong’s scripts are a hit every time. She has been friends with Eul-sun for 10 years now, ever since they were in writing school together. When Eul-sun got into an accident 8 years ago, Eun-yeong took Eul-sun’s script, signed a contract for it, and then cut ties with Eul-sun. After successfully debuting with Eul-sun’s script, she wrote three successful scripts in a row and became a popular scriptwriter. But plagiarism suspicions arise regarding one of her works, and in order to make a grand comeback, she once again goes after Eul-sun’s script. But because of that script, she gets involved in many incidents.



朴施厚 饰 刘弼立

宋智孝 饰 吴乙顺

李起光 饰 李成钟

咸恩静 饰 申允儿

崔汝珍 饰 奇恩英



ユ・フィリップ キャスト/パク・シフ

オ・ウルスン キャスト/ソン・ジヒョ

イ・ソンジュン キャスト/イ・ギグァン

シン・ユナ キャスト/ハム・ウンジョン

キ・ウニョン キャスト/チェ・ヨジン