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Love to the End

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English Title :  
Love to the End
Korean Title :  
끝까지 사랑
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Seon-hee
Director :  
Shin Chang-seok
Cast :  
Lee Young-a, Hong Soo-a, Kang Eun-tak, Shim Ji-ho
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40min * 104 eps



“Love to the End” is about rebuilding a broken family. These characters love each other yet mustbut are fated to separate and fall from grace through no fault of their own. Seeing them overcome hardship through the power of love makes viewers take a look inward for deeper introspection about the people and love that surround them.

Han Ga-yeong (cast Lee Young-a)
Her parents are divorced and she lived through poverty, but Ga-yeong is a cheerful, energetic person. She takes care of her family on behalf of her mother, and then with her father she starts a new business, which succeeds due to her fiery ambition. Then she meets Jeong-han , gets a crush on him, and ends up marrying him, only to discover that he has a secret past with her sister-in-law, Se-na! Ga-yeong’s life ends up in turmoil in the blink of an eye.

Yun Jeong-han (cast Kang Eun-tak)
Jeong-han, who grew up in a wealthy family, falls in love with a woman named Se-na while studying abroad in America. He even pays off her debt, but when Jeong-han’s family goes bankrupt, Se-na cruelly leaves him. Jeong-han leaves his painful past behind and returns to Korea to save his father’s factory. That’s when he meets Ga-yeong. As his feelings for her begin to grow, he finds out that Se-na is her sister-in-law…

Kang Se-na (cast Hong Soo-ah)
Se-na’s ambition and greed are hidden behind her beauty. Everything about her, including her birth and identity, is a secret. She takes advantage of Jeong-han, going to college on his dime, but when Jeong-han’s family goes bankrupt, she seduces Ga-yeong’s brother and marries him. Exploiting this chance occurrence, she became the daughter-in-law of a business magnate and a member of a major company. Now, she wants to take over both sides of the family.

Kang Hyeon-gi (cast Shim Ji-ho)
The grandson of a business magnate, Hyeon-gi has a cynical and charismatic personality. After his first love ended, he decides to get an arranged marriage. However, the marriage fails and he ends up paying a huge sum in alimony. He may seem to be wasting his time by working with mediocrity, but what he actually craves is his family’s love. Then one day, he meets Ga-yeong through Se-na, his half-sister. He professes his love to Ga-yeong, but will his third time be the charm?



李英雅 饰 韩佳英

康恩拓 饰 尹正翰

洪秀雅 饰 康世娜

沈知浩 饰 康贤奇



ハン・カヨン キャスト/イ・ヨンア

ユン・ジョンハン キャスト/カン・ウンタク

カン・セナ キャスト/ホン・スア

カン・ヒョンギ キャスト/シム・ジホ