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Your House Helper


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English Title :  
Your House Helper
Korean Title :  
당신의 하우스헬퍼
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Ji-sun
Director :  
Jun Woo-sung
Cast :  
Ha Seok-jin, Bona (Space Girls), Koh Won-hee, Seo Eun-ah
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 16eps (32eps)



After a long day at work or when returning home after traveling, wouldn’t you like to come back to a nice, clean home? “House fairy” Ji-un will come to you when you are down. Solving problems in life and housekeeping have a lot in common. Life is too hard to go through it alone. Let your house and your heart be healed with your own house helper.

Kim Ji-un cast Ha Seokjin
Ji-un is a handsome house helper, aka a male maid. He does housekeeping for other people and does consulting on how to organize. When he visits a customer’s house, he looks around and makes an estimate. Ji-un started this unusual job because of his mom and his ex-girlfriend. What is his unusual secretive past about?

Im Da-yeong cast Bona
Da-yeong is an intern at an ad agency who has given up on love and life to become a full-time worker. Then one day, she comes up with a new ad idea: a “handsome male housekeeper” with Ji-un as the model. Her idea is a huge success. In order to become a full-time employee, she must shoot more ads with Ji-un, but he is being too difficult. They bicker at each other and emotions start to build up inside her. She starts to sense danger. What is this feeling that she has for Ji-un?

Gwon Jin-guk cast Lee Jihoon
Jin-guk is a handsome, workaholic lawyer who would be considered as one of the most eligible men on dating sites. Then one day, he meets Yun Sang-a at an acquaintance’s engagement party and can no longer focus on his work. On the internet, they call this “having a crush.” Women were always the ones to fall for Jin-guk first, so he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. Furthermore, he’s confused because she’s haughty one day and violent the next.

Yun Sang-a cast Go Won-hee
Looking after her BF's house and dog after her BF was transferred to U.S, she faces messed up reality of the house and calls a house helper. She pretends to be well off and confident outside, but at home, looks shabby. She seeks Ji-un’s advice about a lawyer she’s been seeing so much that sometimes she confuses whom she’s dating. She lent out her name to become a vice president of a jewelry company, but one day, the president goes MIA! What’s scarier than not being able to pay the monthly interest is blowing her cover.



河锡辰 饰 金志云

苞娜 饰 林多荣

李知勋 饰 权真国

高媛熙 饰 尹尚雅
男朋友被派到纽约去工作以后,媛熙便和男朋友的狗一起在男朋友家生活,发现家庭变得越来越糟糕,便请来了管家。她在外面经常会装模做样,可是一到家里,却因为柴米油盐,过着拮据的生活。她总是跟志云聊起最近有点暧昧关系的律师,可是她却渐渐混淆了到底是在跟谁谈恋爱。 珠宝公司答应借她的名义让她做公司二把手,可是一转身,珠宝公司老板却失去了联系。比起还不上高额利息更让她害怕的是自己精心包装的完美形象要被瓦解。



キム・ジウン キャスト/ハ・ソクジン

イム・ダヨン キャスト/ボナ(宇宙少女)

クォン・ジングク キャスト/イ・ジフン
結婚相談所のレベル表オールA間違いなしの魅力あふれる弁護士。仕事に没頭して暮らす。そんなある日、知人の婚約パーティーで出会ったユン・サンアという女性のせいで仕事が手につかない。インターネットの情報によるとこれが一目ぼれだというけど… 常に女性から先に好かれるジングクは、どうしていいのかわからない。おまけに、お高くとまったり、時には乱暴になる彼女をみるとさらに混乱する。

ユン・サンア キャスト/コ・ウォニ