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Are You Human?


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English Title :  
Are You Human?
Korean Title :  
너도 인간이니?
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Science Fiction
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jo Jung-joo
Director :  
Cha Young-hoon
Cast :  
Seo Kang-jun , Gong Seung-yeon, Lee Jun-hyuk, Kim Sung-ryung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60min (30min) * 18eps (36eps)



‘Artificial Intelligence Robot’ Nam Shin III was created by a female robot engineer who missed her long-lost son, who she secretly replaces with the robot after he fell into a coma one day. Now he must pretend to be a real human and fool people into believing that he’s real until his mother’s real son wakes up!

Placed in the midst of a fierce power struggle of a business mogul family, Nam Shin III seems more humanlike and better than actual human beings. His fraud project against the people begins now! There’s also a woman who protects him as a bodyguard but doesn’t even know if he’s a human or a robot!

There is a man with perfect, handsome looks, a sexy smartness and a strong, unfaltering mentality. But he has a single fatal weakness: He is not a real human being! He is actually a robot—an artificial intelligence that simply looks human. What if the perfect A.I. was right beside you?

A.I. <Nam Shin-III> is 27 years old. He was created by Oh Laura, a robot engineer. 20 years ago, she received news of her husband’s death and her son Nam Shin was taken from her by her father-in-law, Nam Geonho. Afterwards, she missed her son so much that she created an A.I that resembled him. Oh Laura and her robot son lived peacefully in the Czech Republic until decades later when her birth son’s incident occurred right in front of her.

A few days after the real Nam Shin falls into a coma from an unexpected accident, his mother Oh Laura asks Nam Shin-III to go to Korea and act as her real son to protect his her son’s position. Nam Shin-III gets on the plane to Korea and Laura and his robot fraud project begins. Now the time has come for a robot to put on a show and pretend to be real human.

Suddenly, Nam Shin-III has a family and a fiancé. Everything in the human world is strange, yet interesting. But above all, his bodyguard Kang Sobong seems suspicious. She keeps trying to dig into things and always seems to be up to something. She is very different from Nam Shin-III’s antiquated manual. The more he gets to know her, the odder she seems to be. She isn’t manipulative enough to pull off her schemes, she’s weak but pretends to be strong, and she says she’s not lonely even though she is. She always complains yet teaches him what he needs to know. She says she’s only working for money, but she helps him out whenever his true identity is about to be revealed. Nam Shin-III observes this interesting woman and stores enough data about her. He started to analyze her as someone who could become a good friend, but gradually, he begins to feel things that he can’t quite analyze. What could this feeling be?

She is muscular, tall with long limbs, and always has her hair in a ponytail. For bodyguard Kang Sobong, her beautiful face is just a nuisance. She’s a bodyguard for a business mogul family now, but she used to be a martial artist. Sobong had the talent, perseverance and determination to become someone big and desired to achieve this goal. That was until an unfair yet all-too-common incident. In a match, her opponent fouled her, fracturing Sobong’s leg, while the bribed referee looked the other way. Sobong was ostracized from the community for setting against the referee.

“I will live my life as I please. I won’t work hard. I will not be ashamed.” Kang Sobong, a bodyguard of 4 years, had no job ethics. She sold paparazzi shots of the illegitimate heir of PK Group, then got caught, beaten and fired. But then, the client who asked her for the paparazzi shots of the heir turned out to be the heir himself?! He made the request just so that he wouldn’t be an heir anymore? He enraged her. She wanted to meet that jerk again, clear her name and get her job back.

Then one day, the news says the man who disappeared is back! Sobong sneaks into PK Group’s presentation for autonomous vehicles to talk to him. “Nam Shin the Jerk!” She yells at him and he approaches her. Sobong flinches, assuming that she’ll be beaten again, but instead he hugs her. What’s going on? Why is this jerk acting like an angel? After being kicked out of the presentation, she sneaks into a reception where a fire breaks out. She gets into danger while trying to save people and somebody saves her life. It’s that jerk Nam Shin. Actually, it is AI Nam Shin-III, who became the heir to PK Group on behalf of human Nam Shin.

That’s when everything was kicked into motion. It began when she started to become suspicious of Nam Shin, who seemed to have subtly changed all of a sudden. She accepts a discreet offer by PK Group’s executive Seo Jonggil, who is also the father of Nam Shin’s fiancé Seo Yena, to dig into Nam Shin’s secrets. Sobong becomes Nam Shin-III’s personal bodyguard and turns into a spy.
While Nam Shin-III, who is odd but hard to read, and bodyguard Sobong live together, an incident occurs. On the day of a test drive of PK Group’s autonomous vehicle, the car that was hacked into under Seo Jonggil’s order explodes. Nam Shin-III fights against the hacker and fortunately prevents an accident. But due to the fierce fight, Nam Shin-III’s robotic structure is revealed and Sobong ends up seeing it!

No way! How can a robot pretend to be human? She considers revealing the truth to the world and running away, but Oh Laura and Ji Yeonghun, who is Nam Shin’s secretary and only friend, beg her not to do so. Sobong is also reminded of how many times Nam Shin-III has helped her out and decides to remain his personal bodyguard.

After finding out about Nam Shin-III’s real identity, Sobong can’t stop thinking about him. She sees him treating everyone equally, trying to become friends with people and listening to others. She keeps getting confused and thinking Nam Shin-III has feelings, too. Get a grip! He’s a robot! A machine! But she finds herself confiding in him. Then she realizes that Nam Shin-III is more human than real human beings. She realizes that she, who was hurt by people, was being comforted by Nam Shin-III. One day, a ridiculous thought hits her out of the blue. Who cares if he isn’t human? If she likes him, she likes him!

An encounter between the AI Nam Shin-III who is naive and his bodyguard Kang Sobong, who has seen the dirty side of the world! A battle of power in the business mogul family! What other incidents await them? In a world full of greed, who is more like human? Inhumane people or a humane robot? What does it mean to be human? In the end there is the underlying question of what it means to be human. “Are You Human?”



徐康俊 饰 南信

徐康俊 饰 南信-III

孔升妍 饰 姜素凤

李俊赫 饰 池英勋

金成铃 饰 吴露罗



ナム・シン  キャスト/ソ・ガンジュン

ナム・シン-Ⅲ  キャスト/ソ・ガンジュン

カン・ソボン  キャスト/コン・スンヨン

ジ・ヨンフン  キャスト/イ・ジュンヒョク

オ・ロラ  キャスト/キム・ソンリョン