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Sunny Again Tomorrow


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English Title :  
Sunny Again Tomorrow
Korean Title :  
내일도 맑음
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Min-ju
Director :  
Eo Soo-sun
Cast :  
Seo ri-na, Ha Seung-Lee, Jin Ju-Hyung, Lee Chang-wook
Production Year :  
Duration :  
35min * 121eps.



Today’s young people are hurting. Forget the exuberance of youth; they are desperate just to get by. Sunny Again Tomorrow roots for the young people of today through the success story of Kang Ha-nui, a poor job seeker with no family or educational background, and the stories of the drama series’ various main characters. Moreover, through the fun and moving tales of the assorted families around Kang Ha-nui, the drama series will bring together viewers of all generations.

Kang Ha-nui cast Seol In-a
Ha-nui is hardworking and positive despite hopping from one part-time job to another. She is unjustly fired from a call center job at a home shopping network. She resolves to make something of herself and starts an apparel business. After much trial and tribulation, she gets a chance to sell her product on K1 Home Shopping. Her contact person is Han-gyeol, the merchandising director whom she already knows and who has been very dismissive of her. But thanks to Ha-nui’s tireless hard work, they become trusting work partners and feelings begin to develop between them.

Hwang Ji-eun cast Ha Seung-ri
Ji-eun is a well-educated, pretty, and personable fashion merchandising director at K1 Home Shopping. Contrary to appearances, she is the product of her hard work. She looks up more to her successful aunt than to her mother, but she also agonizes over the secret behind her aunt’s daughter’s disappearance. She asks out her colleague Han-gyeol but is rebuffed. When she finds out Ha-nui is the reason, she tries to get Ha-nui’s product rejected by the home shopping network. And it is Do-gyeong, whom she dismissed, who reaches out to comfort her.

Lee Han-gyeol cast Jin Ju-hyoung
Han-gyeol was a promising baseball player who was even the captain of his youth team. Although his dream of going pro was dashed, Han-gyeol did not despair and hit the books instead. He is now a successful merchandising director at K1 Home Shopping. He is an individualist and does not believe in marriage. It bothers him when his family and others meddle in his affairs. He does not enjoy being a merchandising director, but he comes to find his job rewarding and fun once he starts working with the fearless Ha-nui.

Park Do-gyeong cast Lee Chang-wook
Do-gyeong leaves a successful corporate job to go into publishing as a young entrepreneur. He is both Ha-nui’s downstairs neighbor and work advisor. He has only considered Ha-nui a friend, so he is taken aback when she professes her love for him. As he tries to figure out how he feels about her, he happens to see Ji-eun being jealous of Ha-nui. He feels sorry for Ji-eun and strikes up a friendship with her. As the two get to know each other, Do-gyeong falls in love with Ji-eun.


这个时代的青春是充满伤痛的,每天为生存而奋斗,忙碌不已, 看似离“人生的春天”很遥远。《明天也晴朗》讲述没什么学历、背景的女主角江哈妮的成功经历,以及通过讲述各具个性的主角们精彩斑斓的故事,以此来鼓励这个时代的年轻人。哈妮以及身边人的故事,将为我们带来不一样的感动与乐趣,吸引不同年龄段的观众。

薛仁雅 饰 江哈妮

何胜利 饰 黄知恩

陈朱炯 饰 李汉杰

李昌旭 饰 朴道京



カン・ハニ キャスト/ソル・イナ

ファン・ジウン キャスト/ハ・スンリ

イ・ハンギョル キャスト/ジン・ジュヒョン

パク・ドギョン キャスト/イ・チャンウク