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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Legal drama
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Jung-min
Director :  
Kim Jin-woo
Cast :  
Jang Dong-gun, Park Hyung-sik
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



An eye-catching bromance of two suit-wearing, handsome men armed with perfect looks and eloquence! Forget all those ordinary and just lawyers you’ve seen on TV! Two articulate and, intelligent men in suits are coming to steal their clients’ hearts by day and women’s hearts by night! Choi Gang-seok is a legendary lawyer who wins cases before he even enters the courtroom and Ko Yeon-wu has never even set foot in a law school! The drama takes place in Korea’s top law firm and is about these two men, who are complete opposites yet seem similar.

Choi Gang-seok (Cast: Jang Dong-geon)
Choi Gang-seok is a legendary lawyer at Kang & Ham, Korea’s top law firm. He is thorough and only plays games that he knows he can win. As a result, he gets all the high-dollar cases that are in the spotlight and enjoys his fame and high income. He even has perfect looks! But even Gang-seok has a weakness. The case that pushed him down to the bottom when he was a prosecutor has not gone away yet. Why did he quit his job as a prosecutor and lose his direction in life? The only people who know the answer are Kang Ha-yeon and his secretary, Hong Da-ham. He completely trusts these two women, so he ensures romance doesn’t get in the way. One day, Gang-seok makes a shocking decision! He hires Yeon-wu, who doesn’t even have a lawyer’s license, as an entry-level lawyer! Gang-seok’s perfect life starts to wobble little by little.

Ko Yeon-wu (Cast: Park Hyungsik)
Ko Yeon-wu is a newly-hired lawyer at Korea’s top law firm, Kang & Ham, but he doesn’t even have a lawyer’s license. All he has is an incredible photographic memory. After his parents died when he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer and it seemed plausible because he fully memorized law books. But reality had other plans and he ended up going down the wrong path. Then one day, he ran into Gang-seok, who gave him an opportunity to work as a lawyer! With Gang-seok’s teachings and Yeon-wu’s gifted memory, he becomes a great lawyer and falls in love with a legal assistant. But the truth about being a fake lawyer threats him every moment. Yeon-wu has finally achieved the life he dreamed of and met the love of his life. How will his life turn out in the end?

Kang Ha-yeon (Cast: Chae Jungan)
Kang Ha-yeon is the CEO of law firm Kang & Ham and the top lawyer there. She is a cold, charismatic leader and the one who hired Choi Gang-seok, who was living aimlessly after quitting his job as a prosecutor, and made him into the person he is today.

Kim Gina (Cast: Go Sunghee)
Kim Gina is a legal assistant at law firm Kang & Ham. Every lawyer wants to work with this competent and beautiful woman. Then a new person comes and sweeps this perfect professional woman off her feet. It’s the new lawyer, Ko Yeon-wu.




张东健 饰 崔康硕

朴炯植 饰 高延宇

蔡贞安 饰 康荷妍

高盛熙 饰 金志娜



チェ・ガンソク キャスト/チャン・ドンゴン

コ・ヨヌ   キャスト/パク・ヒョンシク

カン・ハヨン   キャスト/チェ・ジョンアン

キム・ジナ   キャスト/コ・ソンヒ