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Marry Me Now?


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English Title :  
Marry Me Now?
Korean Title :  
같이 살래요
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Pil-Joo
Director :  
Yoon Chang-bum
Cast :  
Lee Sang-woo, Han Ji-hye, Yoo Dong-geun, Jang Mi-hee
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 50 eps



The 21st century has given rise to a variety of new, diverse family structures. The drama “Marry Me Now?” is a sometimes tearful, sometimes cheerful reflection of these new family structures. It is a drama that portrays the birth of a new family as the parents get ready for the second stage of their lives and the children who are not yet completely independent engage in love and war.

Jeong Eun-tae (Cast: Lee Sang-woo)
Regardless of his terrible personality, Eun-tae is a very talented doctor. Thanks to his nickname “Crazy Dog,” he was able to overcome the burden of living in the shadow of Schweitzer’s son. ‘Korean Schweitzer'Jeong Deok-hyeon’s son! That’s the nickname that followed him everywhere. Eun-tae’s father, Jeong Deok-hyeon, neglected his own family because he spent his whole life saving people’s lives by providing volunteer medical service. Because of that, Eun-tae cut ties with his father. Due to his hatred towards his father, Eun-tae has declared celibacy. And then he meets Yu-ha. First as his patient! Then as his archenemy!

Park Yu-ha (Cast: Han Ji-hye)
After her divorce, Park Yu-ha ran back to her dad and he accepted her with open arms. She doesn’t quite get along with her siblings like she used to, but she has returned to her old, confident self again. She works in the administrative office at a hospital and while she plans on downsizing on its overseas contribution business to start a new business, she gets entangled with Eun-tae and they become enemies. What is waiting for Yu-ha in her future?

Park Hyo-seob (Cast: Yoo Dong-geun)
Hyo-seob always puts his children’s needs before his. After breaking up with his first love, out of desperation, he chose to marry another woman, who happened to be a good person. But unfortunately, his wife died when their kids were still young and Hyo-seob raised his four children by himself with the help of his eldest daughter. He has spent his life making shoes as the head of the family and as a father. Then one day, his first love, Mi-yeon who has become super-rich appears before him!

Lee Mi-yeon (Cast: Jang Mi-hui)
Mi-yeon is prideful and vitriolic, but always within reason. Even her biting remarks, rudeness, and quick temper are seen as attractive. She has had many ups and downs in life, but thanks to her terrific business acumen, every business she’s started has been successful! She is enjoying life as a rich, single woman in her 60s. Then one day, Hyo-seob, her first love whom she left, shows up in her life again.



李相佑 饰 郑银泰

韩智慧 饰 朴柳河

刘东根 饰 朴孝燮

李美妍 饰 张美喜


21世紀、我が国の家族の形態は卒婚、カンガルー族(ニート、親のすねかじり)など、数多くの新語が誕生するほど多様化した。「 一緒に暮らしますか?は、これを時にはコミカルに、時にはシリアスに描いた作品だ。人生第二章の準備を着々と進める新中年・親の世代と、完全に親から独立できないカンガルー族・子供世代の愛とバトルを描く。そして彼らが互いに惹かれ合い、またはぶつかり合うことを繰り返しながら、次第に相手を理解し和解し合っていく、「新しい家族の誕生」を描いたドラマだ。

チョン・ウンテ   キャスト/イ・サンウ

パク・ユハ   キャスト/ハン・ジヘ

パク・ヒョソプ   キャスト/ユ・ドングン

イ・ミヨン   キャスト/チャン・ミヒ