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Mysterious Personal Shopper


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English Title :  
Mysterious Personal Shopper
Korean Title :  
인형의 집
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Ye-na, Lee Jeong-dae
Director :  
Kim Sang-hwi
Cast :  
Park Ha-na, Wang Bit-na, Lee Eun-hyung, Choi Myung-gil
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40min * 103eps



Hong Se-yeon has been the top salesperson at a luxury goods department store for 3 years in a row. Then one day, she happens to witness Eun Gyeong-hye, granddaughter of a business mogul, shoplifting. Because of Gyeong-hye, Se-yeon is fired, but the group’s secretary comes and offers her the chance to become Gyeong-hye’s personal shopper. Her fate with Gyeong-hye seems to continue in unexpected situations…

Hong Se-yeon (Cast: Park Ha-na)
Se-yeon is beautiful and eloquent. Because of her poor family, she started to work right out of high school. She coincidentally ends up at Chairman Eun’s mansion as Gyeong-hye’s personal shopper and does her best to win Gyeong-hye’s heart in that doll house-like place. When her hard work is about to pay off, the shocking truth begins to surface and Se-yeon is locked up in a mental institution without knowing why….

Eun Gyeong-hye (Cast: Wang Bit-na)
Beneath her nasty façade, Eun Gyeong-hye is a vulnerable individual who is hurt and lonely. . What ties her down is an incident 5 years ago. Her husband, who knows her weakness, abuses her psychologically and Gyeong-hye relieves the stress through pathological shopping. Then she meets Se-yeon and right when she is about to try to change, she discovers a truth that freezes her in her tracks.

Lee Jae-jun (Cast: Lee Eun-hyung)
Lee Jae-jun works for Chairman Eun’s family and is well-trusted, but his actual goal is to ruin Chairman Eun’s business empire and see the downfall of Eun’s granddaughter Gyeong-hye! Right when he’s about to get his revenge, Se-yeon gets in the middle of it and rattles Jae-jun. Then just as he’s about to accept their love as destiny, Jae-jun finds out Se-yeon’s secret and faces a tough decision.

Geum Yeong-suk (Cast: Choi Myunggil)
Geum Yeong-suk is a textbook example of a good wife and mother, but she has a secret even her family doesn’t know about. She is actually the maid at Chairman Eun’s mansion! As the head maid of the business mogul family, she is a terrifying person who doesn’t allow a single mistake. There’s a reason why she leads this double life…

Jang Myeong-hwan (Cast: Han Sang-jin)
Jang Myeong-hwan is a successful but mean person who came from a poor background. He is authoritative and great with politics and acts like the kindest husband ever in front of Chairman Eun, but he actually harasses his wife when no one else is around. He suggests Gyeong-hye see a psychologist to make her look worse to others despite he himself being the cause of her mental instability. Right when his plan is about to succeed, Se-yeon shows up and Gyeong-hye’s mental state starts to improve. His plan is about to fail…



朴河娜 饰 洪世燕

王光娜 饰 银京慧

李银亨 饰 李在俊


韩尚镇 饰 张铭焕



ホン・セヨン   キャスト/パク・ハナ

ウン・ギョンヘ   キャスト/ワン・ビンナ

イ・ジェジュン   キャスト/イ・ウンヒョン

クム・ヨンスク   キャスト/チェ・ミョンギル

チャン・ミョンファン   キャスト/ハン・サンジン