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Queen of Mystery2


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English Title :  
Queen of Mystery2
Korean Title :  
추리의 여왕2
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Sung-min
Director :  
Kim Jin-woo
Cast :  
Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Hyeon-suk, Park Byung-eun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



In Season 1, Serl-ock had to hide her work as a wannabe detective because of her mother-in-law. But in Season 2, she is free and goes on to investigate the more cases. She dreams of solving all crimes in Korea as she prepares to become a police officer, but harsh obstacles await her. Her good detective buddy Wan-son suddenly treats her like his enemy and she fails the police officer exam. She finally gets an administrative job at a police station, but nothing goes her way. Will Serl-ock be able to become a true police officer?

Yu Serlock (Cast: Choi Kang-hee)
After her divorce, Serl-ock is finally free and sets her sights on working hard to become a police officer, but she keeps failing the exam. Gyeong-mi, her friend, helps her out by studying with her, but only Gyeong-mi passes the exam. Serl-ock even ends up running Gyeong-mi’s lunch store out of business. She tries her best to pass the exam again, but incidents continue to occur around her. Thanks to Gyeong-mi’s recommendation, Serl-ock finally gets an administrative job at a police station. Will she ever become a police and continue to solve crimes?

-Ha Wan-son (Cast: Kwon Sang-woo)
Detective Wan-son is the top officer who goes after the bad guys. He doesn’t look like one, but he grew up fancy, as the second son of the rich family that owns the law firm Ha & Jeong. While he still has doubts about a mysterious case, he is transferred to the Central Police Station, which has the highest crime rate! But that was the end of his good luck streak. Everything in his life goes awry starting on the first day of his new job. His fellow colleague who did worse than he did back in the police school is now his manager, and to make matters worse, his friendship with Serl-ock turns sour and he faces the worst crisis of his life.

-Jung Hee-yeon (Cast: Lee Da-hui)
Hee-yeon is a beautiful patissier and also a successful owner of 4 bakeries. Using her gifted sociability she remains good relationship with every customer including Serl-ok and Wan-son, she also provides aid on their investigation. Unlike Serl-ok who is ignorant about love life, Hee-yeon approaches Wan-son with elegance and attractive charms. She shakes Wan-son who has been loved only one woman for entire life. From a certain point on, the relation of these three people, Hee-yeon, Wan-son and Serl-ok, starts to tangle into love triangle.

-Wu Seong-ha (Inspector Wu) (Cast: Park Byung-eun)
Inspector Wu, who was quite the hotshot at the headquarters, has been transferred to Homicide Team 2 of the Central Police Station. What’s worse, he encounters Wan-son again. Inspector Wu really hates Wan-son as much as Wan-son hates him! Wan-son causes trouble on his first day at the Central Police Station and he starts taking depression medicine. He solves the cases by himself as he doesn’t trust anyone else. But the way Inspector Wu looks at and feels about Serl-ock is as mysterious as his poker face…



崔江姬 饰 柳雪玉

权相宇 饰 何完胜

李多喜 饰 郑熙妍
미모의 파티쉐이자 4개의 케이크가게 체인점을 운영하는 사장 희연, 특유의 친화력으로 손님들과 친하게 지내다 보니 단골손님 설옥, 완승과도 친하게 지내며 수사에도 도움을 준다. 연애에 무지한 설옥과 달리, 우아하고 여성스러운 매력으로 완승에게 다가가는 희연. 평생 한 여자만을 바라봐왔던 완승의 마음을 뒤흔들고, 어느 순간부터 희연,완승,설옥 이 세 사람의 관계는 썸으로 얽히는데…

金贤淑 饰 金景美

朴秉恩 饰 禹盛河(禹警监)



ユ・ソルオク キャスト/チェ・ガンヒ

ハ・ワンスン キャスト/クォン・サンウ

キム・ギョンミ  キャスト/キム・ヒョンスク

ウ・ソンハ(ウ警監(警部)) キャスト/パク・ビョンウン