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English Title :  
Radio Romance
Korean Title :  
라디오 로맨스
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jeon Yoo-ri
Director :  
Moon Joon-ha, Hwang Seung-ki
Cast :  
Yoon Du-jun(Highlight), Kim So-hyeon, Yoon Bak, Yu-Ra(Girl’s Day)
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



In the small radio booth that lies behind closed doors exists the world of listening, which is vaster than the world of seeing. <Radio Romance> is a romantic KBS drama about an A-list celebrity who always needs a script to talk to the media becoming a radio DJ that has to handle interactions with the listeners that requires improvisation. It is the story of speakers that tell of the ordinary lives of regular people through the radio rather than cameras that visually show the successful stories of others. The special story of people working in the on air-radio booth is brought to you.

Ji Su-ho (Cast: Yoon Doo-joon)
Su-ho, a handsome actor who at 16 became the youngest ever recipient of the Most Excellent Actor Award at Cannes, became the top star by starting his career early with his actor father. He may look confident and perfect on the outside, but he actually wears a mask, treating his life as a business. Su-ho was always the type to show up in public only when the stage was perfectly set for him. Then one day, he meets Geu-rim who is determined to recruit him as a radio DJ to her show and is getting dangerously close to becoming one. Su-ho’s mask is on the verge of being revealed once again.

Song Geu-rim (Cast: Kim So-hyun)
With persistence and positive energy, Song Geu-rim has been a radio script writer, a new level of dirty, dangerous, and demanding job, for 4 years now. Her job is to do other people’s unwanted tasks such as finding disappeared guests, talking to immature DJs and kissing up to power-tripping entertainment agencies. She was destined to fall in love with radio because she used to listen to the radiowith her blind mother.She finally achieved her dream of becoming a radio writer, but is now facing the most difficult challenge in her career: casting Ji Su-ho as the radio DJ!

Lee Kang (Cast: Yoon Park)
Lee Kang is a legendary mischief-making radio program producer. Any program he takes on becomes the No. 1 program, but the writers and staff members who work with him suffer. Then one day, he caused a major incident and left for India. He returns transformed into the world’s kindest person. For the first program after his return he chooses to work with Song Geu-rim as the main writer and Ji Su-ho as the DJ. While preparing for the program, Kang was relaxed and pleasant, but even before the program goes live, his mischievous instincts begins to awake..

Jin Tae-ri (Cast: Yura)
Jin Tae-ri has been an actress for 20 years now, ever since she was a child. She is a veteran who has appeared in a wide range of dramas with varied roles. But that was all in the past when she was a minor. Now she is a washed-up actress who only focuses her attention on her social media accounts. She coincidentally finds out about secret of Ji Su-ho’s family and proposes a contract relationship in exchange for keeping it quiet. She believes that she can become an A-list star again if she is in the spotlight as Ji Su-ho’s girlfriend.



尹斗俊 饰 池秀浩

金所炫 饰 宋格林
具备与生俱来的毅力和正能量,从事被视为新3D(Dangerous, Difficult, Dirty)行业的电台编剧已有四年。她的工作包括寻找失去联系的嘉宾,安抚不懂事的DJ,迎合刁钻娱乐公司的口味等,到处替人擦屁股。格林爱上电台是命中注定的。母亲视力出现问题,为了和母亲甘苦与共,她们用电台广播取代了电视。就这样格林深深被电台所吸引,虽然实现了梦想,但这次她接到了最重量级的任务——聘请池秀浩!

尹博 饰 李江

金亚荣(Yu-ra) 饰 陈泰梨



チジ・スホ キャスト/ユン・ドゥジュン

ソン・グクリム キャスト/キム・ソヒョン

イ・ガン キャスト/ユン・バク

チンジン・テリ キャスト/ユラ