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Black Knight


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English Title :  
Black Knight
Korean Title :  
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Writer :  
Kim Yin-young
Director :  
Han Sang-woo
Cast :  
Kim Rae-won, Shin Se-kyeong, Suh Ji-hye
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 20 eps



What can and can’t be seen. What exists that can’t be perceived. What if there is a type of power that we are unable to feel and don't know about? Supplementing that unknown mysterious power with our imagination, we've created a love story between a man and a woman.
KBS Drama <Black Knight-The man who guards me> is a romance drama about a man who accepts his risky fate for the woman he loves.

Mun Su-ho (cast Kim Rae-won)
Su-ho, a successful businessman, is strict when it comes to taking care of himself and never shows his emotions, but he is a pure romanticist when it comes to love. He overcame a big obstacle as a child so he is both psychologically and physically strong. He has a deep connection to Hae-ra that transcends life and death, and when he returned to Korea after meeting Hae-ra in Europe, his dangerous fate begins. He helps his first love out and ends up marrying her, but one day discovers that he doesn’t age.

Jeong Hae-ra (cast Shin Sae-kyeong)
Hae-ra has had an unfortunate life ever since her parents passed away and she was unable to pick up her coat that her parents ordered at a high-end tailor shop. But right before she attempts to commit suicide, she happens to find the old tailor shop and receives the coat that fits her perfectly. Since then, strange things have started to happen. A woman comes after her to kill her and Hae-ra meets her black knight, a savior who protects her. She has feelings for him, but finds out that he’s the one who drove her parents into bankruptcy. Their fated ties go back 200 years…

Sharon (cast Seo Ji-hye)
Sharon killed a woman out of jealousy and jumped off a cliff, but has gone on living for over 200 years without aging. It’s as if living a lonely life was her punishment. Then, after meeting the reincarnated woman she killed in the past, she knows she is only able to rid herself of eternal life if she makes 1,000 beautiful articles of clothing and a wedding dress for the woman. But she changes her mind when she sees the man she loved so much again. She wants to kill the woman again to have him.

Jang Baek-hee (cast Jang Mi-hee)
Baek-hee has gotten wiser since she committed a crime and was punished and currently lives by being kind to others. She is loved by many fans for her blogs, where she posts about the past since she has been alive for over 300 years. 200 years ago, she found Sharon washed up on the shore and has taken care of her ever since. Recently, her curse was lifted and she began to age again. The curse was lifted because of one of her kind deeds, but what exactly she did remains a mystery.



金来沅 饰 文秀浩

申世景 饰 郑海罗

徐智慧 饰 莎伦(Sharon)
莎伦想要得到黑骑士的心,但是却没能如愿以偿,心存嫉妒的莎伦杀死了一对恋人后纵身跳下悬崖,但后来她却以当初的容貌活了200多年。上天似乎在惩罚她,让她一直默默忍受孤独 。当年被杀死的女人重生后,莎伦遇到了她,为了赎罪莎伦为她做了1000件华服和婚纱并为她祈福,这样莎伦才有机会摆脱长生不老的惩罚。但遇到自己曾经深爱的男人后,她改变了自己的想法。为了得到男人的爱,不惜想要杀死自己的情敌。莎伦最终能否摆脱长生不老的惩罚呢?

张美熙 饰 张白熙



ムン・スホ  キャスト/キム・レウォン

チョン・ヘラ  キャスト/シン・セギョン

シャロン  キャスト/ソ・ジヘ

チャン・ベッキ  キャスト/チャン・ミヒ