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Mad Dog


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English Title :  
Mad Dog
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Writer :  
Kim Soo-jin
Director :  
Hwang Eui-kyeong
Cast :  
Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Min-jun, Ryu Hwa-young, Kim Hye-sung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



Unlike other crime investigation shows thus far, <Mad Dog> is a KBS crime series that puts the countless forms of insurance fraud in the spotlight. Through the Mad Dog team, the Avengers of the insurance investigation world, viewers will be entertained and shocked by the authentic and novel depiction of the realities of insurance fraud.

Choi Gang-woo cast Yoo Ji-tae
Gang-woo, an ex-cop turned insurance investigator, boasts the fraud detection rate of 99%. Formerly the head of the investigation team at Taeyang Life Insurance, Gang-woo is a veteran pro coveted by all insurance companies in Korea for his exceptional sociability and extensive experience. Without the proper authority, it’s nearly impossible for insurance fraud investigators to arrest scammers within the confines of the law. Due to this, he creates his own team called “Mad Dog” to swiftly bring criminals to justice.

Kim Min-jun cast Woo Do-hwan
Min-jun is a former con artist. However, he is also an elegant man whose good looks and dapper suits make his past hard to believe. He was adopted to Germany after his parents were killed in a car crash when he was little but was abandoned at the tender age of 17 with nothing but an old car when his German adoptive parents had a biological child.

Jang Ha-ri cast Ryu Hwa-young
This former national team gymnast is now an associate manager on the insurance investigation team Mad Dog. As can be expected of a former gymnast, she is good at scaling walls and jumping. Her main duty on Mad Dog is undercover infiltration. She’s an all-around chameleon who can pull off any role, including a naïve college coed, bar hostess, and thug.

Ohn Nu-ri cast Kim Hye-seong
Nuri is a mechanical technician turned insurance investigator. He quit middle school due to bullying, but with his natural intelligence, he is a wiz with machines. He likes machines way more than people because machines, unlike people, work without an ulterior motive. He is in charge of developing all kinds of machinery and contraptions and undertaking IT-related work on Mad Dog.

Cha Hong-ju cast Hong Soo-hyun
Hongju is the executive director at Taeyang Life Insurance. She is an executive despite her young age because her father owns the company. Moreover, she’s beautiful, smart, polite, and envied by all as she seems to have everything. But one person, Gang-woo, is suspicious of her. What could Hong-ju’s secret be?


KBS电视剧《Mad Dog》讲述了调查保险诈骗的故事,该剧与以往犯罪案件侦破剧的形式大有不同。素有保险调查界“复仇者联盟”之称的“疯狗组(Mad Dog)”为观众呈现栩栩如生的情节,并让观众在震惊之余体会到故事中的乐趣。

刘智泰 饰 崔强宇
强宇是一名资深保险调查专家,一旦被他盯上就绝不会放手,因此经他办理的保险诈骗案命中率为99%。他拥有无人企及的亲和力和极其丰富的经验,以至于全韩国的保险公司都想把他招入麾下。他曾担任太阳生命的保险调查组长,由于保险公司的调查人员没有法律上的调查权,因此他们无法抓住那些诈骗犯。而曾是警察的强宇组建的“疯狗组(Mad Dog)”在不法行为面前毫不退缩。

禹棹奂 饰 金民俊

柳和荣 饰演 张夏利

金慧星 饰演 温孥黎

洪秀贤 饰演 车洪珠



チェ・ガンウ キャスト/ユ・ジテ

キム・ミンジュン キャスト/ウ・ドファン

チャン・ハリ キャスト/リュ・ファヨン

オン・ヌリ キャスト/キム・ヘソン

チャ・ホンジュ キャスト/ホン・スヒョン