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Witch at Court


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English Title :  
Witch at Court
Korean Title :  
마녀의 법정
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jung Do-yoon
Director :  
Kim Yeong-gyun
Cast :  
Jung Ryeo-won, Yoon Hyeon-min, Jeon Kwang-ryeol
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



Witch at Court is a KBS drama series depicting how Ma I-deum and Yeo Jin-wook, two prosecutors who hate each other, investigate and solve cases together in the Department of Crimes Against Women and Children. Ma I-deum is a tough-as-nails prosecutor who finds herself unexpectedly embroiled in a case that may jeopardize her fast-track career to success. Rookie prosecutor Yeo Jin-wook abandoned his medical career to become a defender of justice.

Ma I-deum cast Jung Ryeo-won
Ma I-deum, a graduate of a no-name provincial college, is a notoriously aggressive prosecutor. She has worked at all of Seoul’s four major district courts. Opting for audacious investigation methods that straddle the legal and illegal, she has been touted as an ace wherever she has gone. She originally dreamed of being a doctor to make a lot of money, but she became a prosecutor because there is someone she must find. Right as she’s about to enter the highway to success, she becomes embroiled in an unexpected case. She is effectively demoted to the Department of Crimes Against Women and Children, where every procecutor tries to avoid to go at all costs. To boot, she has to work with a rookie prosecutor that gets on her nerves at every turn.

Yeo Jin-wook cast Yoon Hyun-min
Rookie prosecutor Yeo Jin-wook is famous for his good looks. When it comes to handling cases, he is rigorous and exacting both legally and punitively. He used to be a child psychiatrist but belatedly went to law school and became a prosecutor. Befitting a former psychiatrist, he was recognized for his ability to distinguish between the truths and lies in offenders’ statements and thus appointed to the Department of Crimes Against Woman and Children. When he is ready to act upon his convictions, he becomes entangled with the seemingly psychopathic Ma I-deum. He wonders what is going on inside her inscrutable mind.

Jo Gap-su cast Jun Kwang-ryul
Although he passed the bar, Gap-su failed to be appointed a prosecutor because of his father’s leftist activities. He shifted course and joined the police force as a special hire, but his father’s history kept thwarting his efforts to rise up the ranks. To overcome this obstacle, he pledges his allegiance to the police force by become a detective of public safety. He then proceeds to remove all obstacles in his path to success by resorting to methods such as sexual torture and subornation of perjury. Thereafter, he becomes the youngest police superintendent, police commissioner, and eventually an executive advisor at a major law firm. His goal now is to enter politics and become a true big wig. All he has to do is eliminate Ma I-deum, who knows about his ugly past.

Min Ji-suk cast Kim Yeo-jin
Min Ji-suk is a chief prosecutor that founded the Department of Crimes Against Women and Children. She was the belle of the Public Prosecutors’ Office back in her heyday and is now a role model for female prosecutors. For the most part of her career, she was given involved domestic or sexual violence, so she currently holds the record for the highest number of sexual assault prosecutions at the Public Prosecutors’ Officer. She crossed paths with Jo Gap-su when she was just starting out, and her regrettable ties with Jo Gap-su as well as the law firm he is now at still persist 20 years on.



郑丽媛 饰 马利盾

尹贤敏 饰 如镇旭

田光烈 饰 曹甲洙

金丽珍 饰 闵智淑



マ・イドゥム キャスト/チョン・リョウォン

ヨ・ジヌク キャスト/ユン・ヒョンミン

チョ・ガプス キャスト/チョン・グァンリョル

ミン・ジスク キャスト/キム・ヨジン