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The Secret of My Love


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English Title :  
The Secret of My Love
Korean Title :  
내 남자의 비밀
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Yeon-shin, Heo In-moo
Director :  
Jin Hyeong-wook
Cast :  
Kim Yeon-shin, Heo In-moo, Song Chang-Eui, Kang Se-jung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40min * 100eps



The KBS drama “The Secret of My Love” portrays a man who is desperate to really become the man he is pretending to be and a woman who abandoned her little sister to have her parents’ affection all to herself. They both gained wealth and comfort through deception. However, have they gotten what they really wanted?

Han Ji-seop played by Song Chang-eui
Ji-seop is Jae-wook’s twin brother. He is the epitome of false pride and inferiority complex who has never really felt happy in his entire life. His mother passed away while giving birth to him, so his aunt raised him. But he was never told of this and believed his aunt was his mother. He gets a job at a major company right after graduating from college, and he proposes to his girlfriend Seo-ra. But his aunt gets into major trouble, and when he is about to lose all hope, he gets a chance to start a new life as an heir to a major company.

Ki Seo-ra played by Kang Se-jung
When she was a child, she was abandoned by her elder sister who was adopted by Seo-ra’s parents and suffered amnesia. She met a couple by chance and became their daughter. And she fell in love with Ji-seop and married him. But one day her mother-in-law gets into trouble and her husband disappears. She desperately searches for him, but the police say he committed a suicide. She gives up, but one day she runs into a man who looks just like Ji-seop at a supermarket. Believing he is Ji-seop, she gets a job at the supermarket in the hopes of running into him again.

Kang Jae-wook played by Song Chang-Eui
Jae-wook is Ji-seop’s twin brother. His grandfather owns a major company. He overused his power being bossy. But being a son of a mistress, he was brainwashed by his mother, and his only goal is to beat his elder brother and inherit the company. He even steals his brother’s girlfriend Hae-rim, but the day before their wedding, he gets into a traffic accident ends up in a coma.

Jin Hae-rim played by park Jung-ah
Hae-rim is a beautiful surgeon whose father is a lawmaker. She seems to have a perfect life, but she’s always felt she was neglected. 25 years ago, she left her little sister at an abandoned place because she hated her younger sister who gets all the attention from a mom and then she learned she was adopted. She begged her father to take her back, and when he did, he became a god-like figure to her. She decides to marry Jae-wook instead of the man she loves for the sake of her father’s reputation.



宋昌义 饰 韩志燮

姜世贞 饰 奇西啦

宋昌义 饰 姜在旭

朴贞雅 饰 陈海琳



ハン・ジソプ キャスト/ソン・チャンウィ

キ・ソラ キャスト/カン・セジョン

カン・ジェウク キャスト/ソン・チャンウィ

ジン・ヘリム キャスト/パク・ジョンア