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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필
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Writer :  
Lee Jae-gon
Director :  
Park Man-young, Yoo Young-eun
Cast :  
Kim Jae-joong, Yui, Jung Hye-sung, Baro
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16eps



The KBS drama <Manhole> deals with time travel as Bong Pil weaves back and forth between the past and present through common manholes. The purpose of his time travel is to stop Su-jin, his crush of 28 years, from getting married and capturing her heart. Will Pil’s time travel end successfully?

Bong Pil - Cast Kim Jae-joong (Member of JYJ)
Pil is a third-generation only son. He is studying to become a public servant, but he has actually been enjoying his umemployed life after graduating from college. Known to be optimistic, Pil enjoys walking around the neighborhood. He is satisfied with his life until Su-jin announces that she is getting married a week later. Pil is crushed and his life seems to come to an end. Then he gets suddenly sucked into a manhole and realizes he can travel time. He decides to take the lifetime opportunity to change the past but when and where does he end up?

Kang Su-jin – Cast Uie
Su-jin is Pil’s childhood friend and the love of his life. She was born into an ordinary family but has an aristocratic beauty. She went through so many ups and downs because of him, even being arrested by the police. She knew Pil has had a crush on her for years, but she couldn’t accept such a foolish man into her life. Pil tried to stop Su-jin seeing other men but she found the right man and is finally about to get married. But why can’t she stop thinking about Pil?

Jo Seok-tae - Cast Baro (Member of B1A4)
Seok-tae was Pil’s sidekick in school. All his life, Seok-tae was teased for being stupid, even by Pil. When he was bullied by his classmates in school, Pil saved him and accepted him as a friend. But that was the only day Pil was nice to him. Since then, Pil bluntly treated him as an underling. Seok-tae lives day to day hating Pil and planning to seek revenge. He has yet to seek that revenge on Pil.

Yun Jin-suk - Cast Jung Hye-sung
Jin-suk has lived in the same neighborhood as Pil and Su-jin and went to school with them. Despite her beautiful looks, she has always been a tomboy. Boys have considered her a good friend but never saw her as a girl. She tries to get Pil and Su-jin together as he desperately begged her for help. She ends up pitying Pil when he continues to miss his opportunity to be with Su-jin.



金在中(JYJ) 饰 峰弼
三代单传的弼, 对外宣称备考公务员,其实自大学毕业以来就一直无所事事,整日吃喝玩乐。天性乐观的他,也是一个出了名的“奇葩”,天天穿一身运动服“驰骋天下”。一切安逸的某一天,突然传来从小单恋的随珍一周后将走进婚礼殿堂的消息。闻后峰弼只觉得当头一棒,甚至觉得生无可恋,就在那时迎来奇迹般的机会——改变过去!峰弼突然被下水井席卷过去,眼前将是何时何处呢?

金宥真 饰 姜随珍

Baro(B1A4) 饰 曹硕泰

郑彗星 饰 尹真淑


KBS ドラマ「マンホール~不思議の国のピル」は、天性のプー太郎、無職男ボン・ピルが、街のどこにでもある平凡なマンホールを通って過去と現在を行き来する前代未聞、荒唐無稽な「タイムトラベル」をテーマにしている。ピルのこのとんでもない「タイムトラベル」の目的は、18年間も片想いし続けている女友達スジンの結婚を妨害し、彼女の心をつかむこと。果たしてピルの旅は無事成功するのだろうか。

ボン・ピル キャスト/ジェジュン (JYJ)

カン・スジン キャスト/ユイ

チョ・ソクテ キャスト/ バロ (B1A4)

ユン・ジンスク キャスト/チョン・へソン