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Queen For Seven Days


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English Title :  
Queen For Seven Days
Korean Title :  
7일의 왕비
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romance, Costume Drama
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Choi Jin-young
Director :  
Lee Jung-seob
Cast :  
Park Min-young, Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Dong-gun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 20 eps



KBS drama “Queen for Seven Days” is a historical drama about the tragic Queen Dan-gyeong, who sat on the queen’s throne for the shortest time in the history of the 500-year Joseon Dynasty before she was deposed. The drama depicts her love story with King Lee Yeok and Lee Yung.

Shin Chae-gyeong, cast Park Min-young
Chae-gyeong was born as daughter of the highest authority in Joseon, but against her will, she was thrust into a deeply political romance. Due to an ominous prophecy, she was raised alone in the countryside. But against her parents’ wishes, she traveled up to the capital and located her childhood friend, Prince Lee Yeok. But then suddenly, Lee Yeok was exiled due to a crime and faced death. As Chae-gyeong went back to live in the countryside in resentment, Lee Yeok, whom she thought to be dead, found her again. The two fell back in love. But not long after, Chae-gyeong discovered that she was being used by Lee Yeok to get revenge against the king. She then departed on a final journey to kill the man she loved. The fate of herself, her household, and the nation lay in her hands.

Lee Yeok, played cast Yeon Woo-jin
Lee Yeok was a Joseon prince and the king’s younger half-brother. He was full of energy and drive, but born in a monarchy where political and social activities were forbidden to him, he was forced to live a suppressed life. But then Chae-gyeong appeared. She told Lee Yeok that he should do meaningful work since he was born in royalty. Thanks to her, he began to dream. But one day, Lee Yeok’s older brother, whom he loved and trusted more than anyone, tried to kill him. Even Lee Yeok’s exile was not enough, and Lee Yeok’s older brother requested that he be beheaded. Upon seeing this, Lee Yeok was determined to get revenge. To steal the crown that his brother was protecting so fiercely, he decided to use Chae-gyeong. but why does his heart ache so much? Could this be love?

Lee Yung, played by Lee Dong-gun
Lee Yung was born as a monarch, but lived in grief because he could not have the heart of the woman he loved. When his mother was deposed, he began to feel uneasy but set out to become a great and righteous king. But when Lee Yung’s father died, he left behind an unexpected will. “When your younger brother becomes an adult, give the throne to him...” Lee Yung was determined to feign ignorance of his father’s wishes and become a great king. But upon discovering his father’s desire was expressed in the written will, he resolved to get rid of his younger brother Lee Yeok. But once again, the world abandoned Lee Yung, and his brother Lee Yeok became the center of attention. Even the love of his life, Chae-gyeong loves his brother…


KBS 电视剧《七日的王妃》讲述了在500余年朝鲜历史上在位时间最短(仅七天即被废除),命运悲惨的端敬王后慎彩景与中宗以及燕山君之间的爱情故事,是一部浪漫悲情历史剧。

朴敏英 饰 慎彩景

延宇振 饰 李怿

李东健 饰 李㦕
虽生为帝王,但未能得到所爱女子青睐的悲剧之王——李㦕。自母妃被废后一直生活在不安中,所以决心成为一代圣君。但父王驾崩之时留下惊人遗言:“待李怿成人以后,把王位传给他...” 李㦕决定无视遗言让自己成为贤君、好哥哥,直到听说父王还留有遗书以后决心除掉心爱的弟弟。但天下又一次背叛了自己,事事都以李怿为中心,连深爱的姑娘彩景也......


KBSドラマ 「7日の王妃」は、在位期間たった7日という、500年の歴史を誇る朝鮮王朝史上最も短い間、王妃の座に就き、そして退位した悲運の王妃、端敬王后・慎氏を巡る、中宗と燕山君のラブストーリーを描いた、ロマンス時代劇だ。

シン・チェギョン キャスト/パク・ミニョン

イ・ヨク キャスト/ヨン・ウジン

イ・ユン キャスト/イ・ドンゴン