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Fight For My Way


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English Title :  
Fight For My Way
Korean Title :  
쌈, 마이웨이
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lim Sang-choon
Director :  
Lee Na-jung
Cast :  
Park Seo-jun, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong, Song Ha-yoon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16eps



The KBS drama “Fight for My Way” is about young people who struggle to do it their ways, although the society sees them as lacking and forces them out of the spotlight. It portrays their quirky life and romance.

Ko Dong-man played by Park Seo-jun
Dongman dreamed of representing Korea in Taekwondo. Being tall, handsome and great at fighting, he was a star everywhere he went. And he seemed to have a bright future until one mistake ruins his life. Being optimistic, Dongman doesn’t let it drag him down and tries to become an MMA fighter, dreaming of another chance. He’s been friends with Aera for a long time, but his feelings into something more. Dongman doesn’t want to lose Aera, so he must choose between being around her or severing all contact.

Choi Ae-ra played by Kim Ji-won
Aera dreamed of becoming the 9 o’clock news anchorperson. But in reality, she’s the information desk girl, “Miss Choi”, at a department store. Her resume is lacking in every aspect, including education, experience and background, but she does her best for her people. She leaves the information desk and becomes an MMA reporter, and her hidden talent explodes. She is amazing at work, but in love life, not so much. She always ends up making a huge fool of herself. She starts feeling something with Dongman, but she is forced to make a choice.

Kim Ju-man played by Ahn Jae-hong
Juman is Dongman’s best friend, and he has super palate. He fell in love at first sight with Seolhui, Dongman’s friend from hometown, and he’s been dating her for six years. He works as a merchandising director for Dream Home Shopping and sells out every food item he launches. He seems like a big eater, but he claims he is a gourmet. Juman has been putting off marriage with Seolhui because of financial reasons and so on, but the daughter of the CEO of Korea’s biggest pig trotter restaurant franchise pursues him. Junman must choose between money and being loyal to his long-time girlfriend. What will he choose?

Baek Seol-hui played by Song Ha-yoon
Seolhui works at Dream Home Shopping’s customer service center as a contract worker. She’s been dating Juman for six years in secret. Juman isn’t all that special, but to her, he is the love of her life and he means the world to her. She dreams of building a future and a family with him, having been there for him for the past six years, but Juman’s been acting strange lately. Watching the good but rather slow girl Seolhui grow is another thing to watch for in this drama.



朴叙俊 饰 高东万


金智媛 饰 崔爱拉

爱拉梦想成为新闻主播,而实际上她只不过是一个商场的前台员工。不管是学历,还是家庭背景、个人资历,没有一点是拿得出手的,不过她非常懂得珍惜自己的亲人、朋友。终于,她不做前台这个工作了 ,而转身成为格斗主播,当了格斗主播后,她曾经挤压多年的才华得到赏识,真是不鸣则已,一鸣惊人!可惜,她的爱情大不尽如人意,每一段都成为自己人生路上的黑历史。此时,她与多年的朋友东万的关系变得微妙起来,使得爱拉进退两难。

安在洪 饰 金周万

宋昰昀 饰 白雪熙



コ・ドンマン キャスト/パク・ソジュン

チェ・エラ キャスト/キム・ジウォン

キム・ジュマン キャスト/アン・ジェホン

ペク・ソルヒ キャスト/ソン・ハユン