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My Father is Strange


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English Title :  
My Father is Strange
Korean Title :  
아버지가 이상해
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Family, Romance
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Jung-Sun
Director :  
Lee Jae-Sang
Cast :  
Kim Yeong-cheol, Kim Hae-suk, Ryu Su-young, Lee Yu-ri, Lee Joon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 52eps



KBS’s “My Father is Strange,” a heartwarming family drama with a hint of comedy, is about the lives of Han-su, a hardworking father who is hiding a secret but is devoted to his family, his reliable wife Yeong-sil and their four children, who are interesting and unique in their own ways. Han-su’s family was just like any other family, sometimes eventful, other times peaceful, but one day a famous but arrogant actor moves in with them, affecting the family dynamics.

Byeon Han-su played by Kim Yeong-cheol
Han-su, a diligent worker and loving family man who is known for doting on his wife and children, is the owner of a small restaurant in the suburbs. However, he is hiding a major secret that he must take to the grave.

Na Yeong-sil played by Kim Hae-suk
The mother of a son and three daughters, Yeong-sil is a major decision-maker in the family and shoulders the burden of running the household, where her younger brother’s family and her mother-in-law also live. She made her considerate yet stuck-in-his-ways husband Han-su keep a deep secret for her, but seeing her children all grow up to become great individuals, she doesn’t regret it one bit.

Cha Jeong-hwan played by Ryu Su-young
Jeong-hwan is the producer of a variety show at a TV station. For a person who consistently succeeded while growing up, a career at a TV station is quite an ordeal, and he is known for having a “failure’s touch” at his company for repeatedly ranking last in viewership. Meanwhile, he reunites with his ex-girlfriend Byeon Hyae-yeong and again falls deeply in love with her after approaching her to find out the reason they broke up eight years ago. However, to Jeong-hwan, the only son of an overbearing mother, marriage seems like a lot of pressure.

Byeon Hyae-yeong played by Lee Yu-ri
Hyae-yeong, the second oldest child in the family, calls herself “a woman who rose from humble beginnings” and is a lawyer at a successful law firm. Although she is self-centered, cold-hearted and spiteful, at critical moments, she doesn’t hesitate to step in and take charge to get things done. She used to have no intention of marrying, and her life takes a major turn after she makes up with her ex-boyfriend Cha Jeong-hwan, who she dumped many years ago after dating in college.

Ahn Jung-hui played by Lee Joon (member of idol boy group MBLAQ)
Born in the US, Jung-hui is an idol-turned-actor who debuted in Korea, and although he is a very handsome celebrity, he has a long way to go before becoming the main character of a prime-time drama due to his poor acting skills. However, because a video edited by producer Cha Jeong-hwan showing Jung-hui’s once-forgotten poor acting skills went viral, Jung-hui’s name was the number one most-searched keyword online and he finally got the leading part in the a prime-time drama that he wanted so much, but because he doesn’t understand the bond between father and son, he is on the verge of getting cut. He’ll have to find the dad he’s never met, who is ruining his celebrity career.


KBS电视剧《 爸爸好奇怪 》是一部家庭温馨喜剧,主要围绕着虽有不为人知的秘密但为家人付出一生的好爸爸汉洙和生活能力强的汉洙老婆英实以及个性四异的四个兄妹展开,讲述原本和气融融的普通汉洙家庭,突然一个明星寄后发生的故事。

金英哲 饰 卞汉洙

金海淑 饰 罗英实

刘秀英 饰 车正焕

李宥莉 饰 卞慧颖

MBLAQ 李俊 饰 安重熙



ビョン・ハンス  キャスト/キム・ヨンチョル

ナ・ヨンシル  キャスト/キム・ヘスク

チャ・ジョンファン  キャスト/リュ・スヨン

ビョン・ヘヨン  キャスト/イ・ユリ

アン・ジュンヒ  キャスト/イ・ジュン(MBLAQ)