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Good Manager


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English Title :  
Good Manager
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
キム課長とソ理事 ~Bravo! Your Life~
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Jae Beom
Director :  
Lee Jae Hoon, Choi Yoon Seok
Cast :  
Namkoong Min,Nam Sang-mi, Lee Jun-ho, Jung Hye-sung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 20eps



The KBS drama “Good Manager” is about Kim Seong-ryong, a chief accountant and a master of embezzlement who has keen financial sense. He gets a job at TQ Group as a chief accountant so he can embezzle enough money to achieve his dream. But ironically, he starts to stand up for what’s right, fighting against corruption and irrationality, and tries to help the dying company get back on its feet again.

Kim Seong-ryong played by Namkoong Min
Talented, gutsy, and smart, Kim Seong-ryong was born with keen financial sense. He is a true conman who uses his abilities to embezzle money, so he is never one to lose. His dream is to move to Denmark and he has been embezzling small amounts of money to make this a reality. One day, he applies for the chief accountant position at TQ Group, a major corporation, and gets the job. Seong-ryong was planning to embezzle enough money to move to Denmark, but out of the blue, he gets tangled up in various affairs within TQ Group.

Yun Ha-gyeong played by Nam Sang-mi
Unlike her icy appearance, Ha-gyeong has a warm heart. She is very proud of being an accountant and does every job perfectly. She used to stand up for what’s right, but as time passes, she conforms to the widespread corruption within the company and becomes more and more indifferent. And one day, Seong-ryong shows up as her boss and at first they bicker, but eventually, she becomes attracted to him.

Seo Yul played by Lee Jun-ho (Member of 2PM)
Yul is the handsome and smart finance director of TQ Group. He came from a poor family, so he has a strong desire to succeed and he is always thirsty for power and money. Yul became a prosecutor and was planning on prosecuting TQ Group after he discovered corruption at the company. The CEO of TQ group scouts him out and offers him a job, so he joins the company, but just when everything is going as planned, Kim Seong-ryong shows up, stirring up trouble everywhere.

Hong Ga-eun played by Jung Hye-sung
Ga-eun works as an intern in the Accounting Department at TQ Group, but she is actually an undercover agent on the Special Investigation Team of the Prosecutor’s Office. She became an accountant and applied for a job at the Prosecutor’s Office, but she was assigned to the Special Investigation Team by Mr. Han, who was investigating TQ Group’s accounting fraud. She is overly passionate and her job is to get information while behind enemy lines, but she ends up making one mistake after another.



南宫民 饰 金成龙

南相美 饰 尹夏庆

李俊昊(偶像组合2PM成员)饰 徐律

郑慧星 饰 洪佳恩



キム・ソンリョン  キャスト/ナムグン・ミン

ユン・ハギョン  キャスト/ナム・サンミ

ソ・ユル  キャスト/ジュノ(アイドルグループ2PMメンバー)

ホン・ガウン  キャスト/チョン・へソン