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Love in the Moonlight


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English Title :  
Love in the Moonlight
Korean Title :  
구르미 그린 달빛
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Historical, Romance
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Min-jeong, Lim Ye-jin
Director :  
Kim Seong-yun
Cast :  
Park Bo-geom, Kim Yoo-jung, Jin-Yeong, Kwak Dong-yeon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 18eps



Taking place in the Joseon Dynasty, ‘Love in the Moonlight’ is a love story between a Crown Prince and a girl who happened to disguise herself as a eunuch. With gripping twist and turn of events, It is one of a kind, unlike any other historical drama. The Crown Prince Young and Ra-on’s chance encounter comes to an abrupt ending, but they reunite in the Royal Palace as the Prince and a eunuch this time. Despite a series of misunderstanding, missed connections and coincidence, it seems the star-crossed lovers are meant for each other until their past looms over their present. Are they friends, or more than just friends? Should they have never met in the first place?
While Ra-on must do all she can protect her identity, Young is immensely confused with his feelings for Ra-on, standing in front of him as a eunuch. Surrounded by the royal relatives constantly sabotaging and undermining the royal authority, Young aspires to make the world a better place once he ascends to power. ‘Love in the Moonlight’, it’s a love story between the good Prince Young and cheerful and positive Ra-on who never loses hope.

Lee Young (cast: Park Bo-gum)
The Crown Prince Young has it all; he has the looks, brains and rightly all the expectations of the Crown family. Acutely being aware of the royal relatives’ hunger for power that threatens the stability of the Dynasty, he tries to remain inconspicuous, focusing on his studies for the day when he finally ascends to the throne. At 19, Young meets Ra-on for the first time, starts falling for her when they reunite in the Palace. Rosy days continue, only until he discovers Ra-on’s past.

Hong Ra-on (cast: Kim Yoo-jung)
Although orphaned at an early age, Hong Ra-on discovered her talent and grew up to become a top relationship counselor in the Joseon dynasty. A turn of events brings her into the Royal Palace as a eunuch, where she discovers Young’s true identity as the Crown Price. What will happen to Ra-on who’s pretending to be a ‘man’ but really a woman? What about her love for the Crown Princess?

Kim Yoon-sung (cast: Jin Young)
Yoon-sung is Crown Prince Young’s childhood friend. From a noble family, he grew up studying together with the Prince. Yoon-sung was never interested in girls until he met Ra-on. What started out as a mere curiosity turned into love. As he became aware of the Crown Prince’s feelings for Ra-on, Yoon-sung resolves to build his strength, strong enough to take on the Crown Prince.

Cho Ha-yeon (cast: Chae Soo-bin)
Crown Princess Ha-yeon is from a noble family. She is a beautiful, sharp and strong young woman, but Crown Prince Young’s aloofness toward Princess makes her seriously wonder what the Prince is up to. She is shocked to the core when she finds out that the one he’s in love with is none other than a eunuch.



李旲(朴宝剑 饰)

洪乐瑥(金裕贞 饰)

金允成(郑振永 饰)

赵夏妍(蔡秀彬 饰)



イ・ヨン cast パク・ボゴム

ホン・ラオン cast キム・ユジョン

キム・ユンソン cast ジニョン

ジョ・ハヨン cast チェ・スビン