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넥스트 휴먼
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Lim Se-hyeong, Lee Jae-hyeok, Lee Ji-yun
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Duration :  
50min * 4eps



‘Who am I?’ - How have humans evolved so far? How will humans change in the future? Has human body stopped evolving as Cro-Magnon’s? Or is it changing to another new being? The rate of human evolution is getting faster along with the acceleration of civilization. Then what will humans look like in future ages? Human body has constantly evolved by adapting to the environment, to survive in the harsh wild and to build the splendid civilization. Now, in the 21st century, human beings are making new history of human body with cutting-edge medical, genomic technologies. Humans don’t just follow the theory of natural selection any more, instead, have become new beings who can self-design their own evolution! The self-evolving new humankind, who continuously create different mutants, are not suspended to diseases and lifespan, and infinitely extend the physical ability by connecting their brains to computers. This is ‘the next human’. A look into the tidal wave of change that will rule the humankind and the coexistence of humanity and science.

Episode 1. Are we mutants?
Finding the mutant genes that have changed the history of humankind. A gene called Stratopygia made human possible to walk upright and eat meat. Another caused the en-masse migrations, the conquest wars. Albino gene, which made the Western civilization as a result. Now, a new mutant is appearing in this 21st century. Then, what is it?

Episode 2. The last Ape
Cro-Magnons have led the prosperity of mankind with their superior brains and the ability to use tools. However, the evolution of human body is falling behind the rate of civilization. For instance, the agricultural revolution gave people lots of benefits such as population growth and urbanization, but also brought problems of pandemic, small body, and imbalance of nutrition. Diseases like cancers, diabetes, and obesity are threatening us, but is it indeed the result of failure to evolutionary adaption? Is there a new mankind who will overcome all these diseases?

Episode 3. Genes, the language of God
The human evolution has entered a new phase as people became able to decode the personal genomes. Humans are not the passive beings any more who must adapt to the environment. Future humans will be able to conquer the diseases and aging by conducting the genetically tailored care. Furthermore, tailored humans will be realized by changing the genomes according to each preference. After the theory of natural selection, people these days and in the future will self-design their own evolution!

Episode 4. The Perfect Body
A British doctor makes a new nose, ears, even blood vessels and a kidney. By the help of regenerative medicine, which replaces old organs with new ones, and telomerase, a kind of enzyme which makes people live longer, humans lifespan seems to be extended to 150 years old. Now human nowadays are dreaming of immortality. The remaining mystery is only the brain. However, when the secrets of the human brain will be solved and the connection between computers and brain comes possible, humans can finally be ‘the perfect human’ without physical limitation and infinite ability.